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  • JEC (Jamieson Equipment Co.)

    JEC is a distributor of Bray butterfly valves. Series 30 wafer body types come in full cut and under cut versions. Sizes range from 2 in./50 mm to 20 in./500 mm. Dimension A ranges from 3.69 to 23.25 and they come with four holes. Series 31 lug body butterfly valves come in full cut and under cut versions as well.

    State: GA
  • Industrial Pipe & Supply

    Industrial Pipe & Supply distributes a line of iron and PVC butterfly valves. Sanitary stainless steel styles offer 360 degree installation and may be installed in any position. Wafer style butterfly valves are a seated wafer style for general purpose use. The 17-4PH stainless steel stem eliminates twisting. They are suitable for on-off or throttling service.

    State: GA
  • Homestead Valve

    Olson Technologies Inc. features a line of Mosser and Homestead butterfly valves. The Mosser Series 830 are a rugged heavy duty design with large diameters. The Mosser Types AT and CT butterfly valves are suited for pressure differentials from 175 psi to 25 psi, and temperature ratings up to 350°F with materials of cast iron body, carbon steel disc, steel shafts, steel control handle, and Buna-N shaft seals.

    State: PA
  • Simtech

    Simtech is a provider of butterfly valves offered in either manually, pneumatically or electrically actuated configurations. Their manual VP Series feature bubble tight enclosures designed for flow control in minimum spaces. The pneumatically actuated VP Series butterfly valves offer electroless nickel plating for corrosion resistance. Simtech's electrically actuated VP Series feature heavy duty gears and permanent lubrication in a NEMA IV enclosure.

    State: PA
  • Valve Solutions

    VSI manufactures butterfly valves in 2 way and 3 way configurations, in wafer or lug body styles, and size ranges from 2 to 30 inches. These butterfly valves offer disc materials of stainless steel , aluminum bronze, ductile iron, monel and nylon coated.

    State: GA
  • ABZ Valves & Controls

    ABZ is a manufacturer of many types of butterfly valves. The 2"-12" split body wafer design is built to 150 PSI for the chemical/food industries. The 2"-12" split body with full lugs meets ANSI 125/150 pound drilling. There are a variety of other 2"-12", 150 PSI butterfly valves available for chemical, food, sanitary or general purpose use. ABZ offers a 2"-72", ANSI 150/200 PSI, general purpose styles with a one piece body for general purpose usage.

    State: KS
  • Shan-Rod

    ShanRod manufactures five different series' of butterfly valves. Their Heavy Duty dampers come in three different series. The 2300 Series fabricated damper bolts up to ANSI/ASME B16.1 Class 125 drilled flanges. The 2700 Series weld end damper can be welded in between two duct or pipe sections. The Medium Duty damper is a standard damper furnished in sizes 4” to 48” for all medium duty services.

    Berlin Heights
    State: OH
  • Watts

    Watts is a manufacturer of full lug, grooved end and wafer butterfly valves. The full lug styles come in 2"-24" (50 to 600mm), 30"-48" (750 to 1200mm), and 2"-12" (50 to 305mm) sizes. Lead free models are available. Grooved end butterfly valves come in a 2 1/2"-10" (65 to 250mm) size and offer a ductile iron body, a 431 stainless steel two-piece stem, and an EPDM encapsulated ductile iron disc. Wafer style are available in lead free models and come in a 2"-12" (50 to 300mm) size.

    North Andover
    State: MA
  • Georg Fischer

    Georg Fischer supplies a line of metal butterfly valves and spare parts amongst other valves and actuators. The lineup is comprised of wafer, lug with hand lever or reduction gear with hand-wheel, electric wafer with or without a manual override, pneumatic wafer, electric lug without a manual override, and pneumatic lug butterfly valves without a manual override.

  • Ives Equipment Corp.

    Ives Equipment Corp. is a US based stocking distributor of industrial parts and components. Product offerings include lined and high performance butterfly valves. Custom products are available as well.

    State: PA
  • GEMU

    GEMU is a manufacturer of plastic and metal butterfly valves. The 410 plastic style is 2/2 way, pneumatically operated with a plastic piston actuator that is corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. The manually operated 417 2/2 way plastic butterfly valve has a handwheel with an integrated locking device to prevent accidental operation. The 423 plastic design is a low maintenance electrical actuator with a reversible dc motor.

    State: GA
  • Asahi/America

    Asahi/America manufactures a variety of butterfly valves. They offer a wafer style, 2"-10", lever and gear model, and an industrial grade lever 1 1/2"-8" and gear 8"-14" model. Large size industrial grade, 18"-24" gear butterfly valves are available. Asahi also makes dampers and pool valves for chlorinated water. Their PDCPD giant design comes in a large diameter 28"-40" gear style.

    State: MA
  • BVC

    BVC offers manual resilient seated, automated resilient seated, manual high performance, automated high performance, teflon seated, triple eccentric, and AWWA 3" to 24" and 14" to 144" butterfly valves. Manual and automated high performance types come in sizes of 2.5" through 36" with bi-directional bubble tight shutoff in wafer or lug styles. Manual and automated resilient seated butterfly valves come in sizes 1.5" through 48" in wafer, lug and double flanged styles.

    State: TX
  • DynaQuip Controls

    DynaQuip Controls has been a butterfly valve manufacturer for over 40 years. They offer sizes from 1" to 48", lug or wafer styles, stainless steel bodies, aluminum, cast iron or ductile iron, and a variety of disc materials from ductile iron to teflon encapsulated. Their manual butterfly valves come in a 340/342 Series with nylon coated disk. The 500/522 Series are resilient seated.

    Saint Clair
    State: MO
  • Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls manufactures a wide variety of butterfly valves, including commercial grade electrically and pneumatically actuated assemblies (two and three way non-spring return), industrial grade standard performance electrically and pneumatically actuated assemblies (two and three way), and industrial grade standard performance manually actuated butterfly valve assemblies (two way non-spring return).