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  • Swagelok

    Swagelok offers fluid system components, such as butterfly valves for sanitary applications, to such markets as alternative fuels, analytical instrumentation, biopharmaceutical, chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, power, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, semiconductor and process instrumentation. Sanitary butterfly valves offered include manual or pneumatic actuation and Kwik-Clamp, tube butt weld, and Acme threaded end connections.

  • Triad

    Triad Process Equipment is a manufacturer of the Triad Series 750 butterfly valves with a cartridge seat design for improved ease of installation. They come in a manual type, 2" through 24", providing a low torque seal every time the valve is cycled. The Series 750 also comes in a pneumatic type, lugged or wafer style, with a spring return or double acting, 2" through 16". The Series 700 is an electric butterfly valve that comes in either lugged or wafer style, 2" through 16".

    State: MI
  • Adamant Valves

    Adamant Valves is a global manufacturer, supplier and designer of sanitary butterfly valves for the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industrial markets. These products come in clamp, welded, threaded, three-piece, welded and threaded, and flanged and threaded types. Features include maximum pressure ratings of 1.0Mpa (10bar), temperature ranges of -5°C to 95°C, body materials constructed of AISI 304L or AISI 316L, seat materials of silicone, EPDM and FPM, and manual or actuating device operation.

    State: CA
  • Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions

    Crane offers Xomox's Tufline Series of fluorocarbon lined (FEP and PFA) butterfly valves for severe chemical applications. Their Tufline Series 800 high performance butterfly valves come in various types, including soft seated, fire tested, high temperature, and cryogenic. The Series 7000 resilient seated types feature a stem configuration that provides positive attachment for handles or actuators (Double “D”, 2" - 24" ), and an actuator flange that can accommodate handles, gear operators, electric actuators, and pneumatic actuators (2" - 24" per ISO 5211).

    State: OH
  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson is a distributor offering Fisher butterfly valves that feature an eccentrically mounted disc, and a wide application range and shutoff capability. They are designed for control and isolation service from cryogenic to high temp and pressure classes to ASME CL2500. Sizes range from NPS 2 to 72.

    State: TX
  • FNW

    FNW designs and manufactures resilient seated butterfly valves for industrial applications such as pulp and paper, water purification, power and utilities, chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage, OEM and HVAC. Features include flanges designed for 125/150 lbs., standard 3166SS discs and stems for strength and chemical resistance, and an ISO 5211 mounting pad with square shaft that permits direct mount actuation to reduce hysteresis (2" to 12").

    State: OR
  • Townley

    Townley Engineering & Manufacturing designs a wide variety of butterfly valves. Their TM 1&2 Super-Slurry style is a high performance slurry design that is leak free under pressure. The TM 3&4 High-Pressure premium type is designed with a metal reinforced cartridge style EPDM lining that will not blow out in high flow or high pressure applications.

  • Crispin Valve

    Crispin features the K-Flo butterfly valve in 2 designs and in a size range from 3 to 168 inches. These products are fully compliant with the AWWA C504 standards. For municipal, power and industrial operations, the 500 series are heavy duty, resilient seated butterfly valves with flanged or mechanical joint configurations.

    State: PA
  • C.I. Thornburg

    C.I. Thornburg offers Mueller Lineseal III butterfly valves in a size range from 4 to 48 inches. These products have a seat-in-body design, a tight disc-to-shaft pin connection, a stainless steel disc edge, symmetrical lens shaped disc, non-metallic bearings and V type packaging. Butterfly valves are configured with flanged ends, mechanical joint ends, flanged with mechanical joint ends, flanged with slip ons, and slip on.

    State: WV
  • Matco-Norca

    Matco-Norca produces butterfly valves in wafer styles, wafer and lug styles and double stem. The B1-RLO wafer style PVC style features a lever operator with 10 positions, stainless steel stem, EPDM liner and seat, polypropylene disc, a size range from 2 to 6 inches and 200 WOG. The B1-RWG wafer style butterfly valve features a gear operator with 10 positions, stainless steel stem, EPDM liner and seat, polypropylene disc, a size range from 8 to 12 inches and 200 WOG.

    State: NY
  • PDC

    PDC manufactures butterfly valves for temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit in sizes of 2 to 60 inches and in foundry cast iron and steel alloys. PDC products all possess tight machined tolerances, no typical weld fatigue, proper shaft alignment of rotating equipment and a wide choice of materials.

    State: PA
  • VAT

    VAT provides a line of butterfly (or Vatterfly) valves with or without a manual actuator, and with or without an extended body. The Vatterfly valve with a manual actuator is designed for high conductance in aluminum and stainless steel body and also features an easy half turn operation . The extended body ensures the valve plate cannot protrude in its open positions especially when mounted on a pump.

    State: MA
  • Assured Automation

    Assured Automation manufactures a complete range of automated and manual butterfly valves in lug and wafer style connections, various materials and sizes. The automated designs are compatible with spring return pneumatic actuators, direct acting pneumatic actuators and electric actuators. Manual butterfly valves are compatible with 10 position lever, hand wheel and gearbox, chain wheel and gearbox, and levers with extensions. Body materials are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, Teflon line ductile iron and plastic.

    State: NJ
  • Leca Int. Corp.

    Leca supplies butterflies valves manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 304L or 316L) and silicon steel.

  • AMRI

    A global manufacturer of butterfly valves, AMRI offers designs for the petro-chemical, chlorine, semi-conductor, paper, acid plants, ships, power and water industries and nuclear plants. It's line of butterfly valves include ACRIS lug, ISORIA 10/16 elastomer-lined, AMRESIST ball with full port design, MAMMOUTH series with a fully elastomer lined body, and DANAIS flexible metal seated.

    State: TX