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  • The Lee Co., Industrial Microhydraulics Div

    The Lee Co., (Industrial Microhydraulics Division) manufactures a variety of miniature valves. Valve types include: shuttle valves, restrictor check valves, relief valves, calibrated orifices, flow controls, and check valves. Valves are constructed to be installed into both metal and plastic and have a variety of sizing options, including: 2.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, and 8mm. Applications include: hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, fuels, oils, medical disposable applications, manifold simplification, etc. Valves are 100% factory tested for flow and leakage to ensure consistent, long term performance. Valves are made of 303, 302, 305, 416, and 440C stainless steel materials.

    State: CT
  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. offers a wide variety of miniature valves, including: plastic ball valves, brass ball valves, needle valves, metering valves, Q-turn valves, EZ Drain precision oil valves, flow control valves, button-pilot-shuttle-toggle valves, stopcocks, plastic/metal relief valves, regulators, pinch valves, etc. Q-turn valves allow temperatures ranging from -22°F to 176°F, and the valve flow rate is 55 GPH. Plastic ball valves come in 13 configurations, have a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi, and a maximum operating temperature of 140°F. Pinch valves come in two different configurations, are made of Delrin/polypropylene materials, and have a maximum tubing range of 7/16 - 1/2 inches. Needle valves come in 8 configurations, a maximum operating pressure of 500 PSI, and a maximum operating temperature of 180°F. Metering valves come in two configurations, and are offered in both metric and fractional sizes.

    State: CO
  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offer miniature solenoid, proportional, multimedia, and ISYS micro valves. Miniature solenoid valves come in both classic and universal style configurations. The minimum valve width is 8mm, and the maximum is 15.88mm. Maximum pressure range is 0-100psig. Proportional valves come in thermally compensated, non-thermally compensated, and OEM systems configurations. Proportional valves come with a 15.88mm valve width and have a maximum pressure range of 0-150psig. Multimedia valves come in inert isolation PTFE valve, isolation valve, general purpose valve, extreme performance, benchtop/rack-mount solenoid valve controller, and OEM system configurations. Multimedia valves have a maximum orifice size of 0.116" and a maximum pressure of 1250psig. ISYS micro valves come in 25 pin D-sub connection, Moduflex Fieldbus, and Isysnet Fieldbus configurations.

    State: OH
  • Asco Valves

    Asco Valves offers miniature proportional, pinch, isolation, and general service valves. Valve orifice sizing ranges from 0.20" to 0.250", and vacuum sizing is available up to 174psi. Inline, G 1/8 threading, pad, cartridge, barb, and manifold padding is available. Valve sizing ranges from 15mm to 45mm. Valve applications include: anesthesia equipment, blood pressure monitoring, ventilators, drug dispensing, dialysis equipment, IV systems, DNA synthesis, pipette dispensing, etc.

    State: NJ
  • Specialty Mfg. Co

    Specialty Mfg. Co. offers miniature toggle valves, push button valves, needle valves, routing valves, pinch valves, pilot valves, check valves, regulators, fittings, swivels, etc. Valves are available in 10-32 thread, 1/8 pipe thread, 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 barb configurations. Seal materials include: Buna-N, Ethylene Propylene, and Fluoroelastomer. Valves come in in-line, right-angle, panel-mount, two, three, and four way body styles. Valve applications include: air, vacuum, water, gas, cryogenic, oxygen, medical, dental, metering, mixing, etc.

    State: MN
  • FMC Technologies

    FMC Technologies offers micro valves for pressure switch, level control, air switch, pilot operation, limit switch, diverting valve, and machine stop applications. FMC's micro valves allow no leakage, guarantee sure response, allow no sliding seals/packing/tight-fitting moving parts, require no lubrication, and are suitable for vacuum service.

    State: TX
  • Anver Corp. - Anver.Com

    Anver Corp. offers miniature vacuum solenoid, relief, and ball valves. Vacuum solenoids come in three styles: Manifold Mount A-DI, Body Ported A-DP, and A-DG. Nominal diameter ranges from 0.031" to 0.090" and the maximum pressure range is -14.5 to 101.5. Relief valves adjust from 6" Hg to 27" Hg, and are made of nickel plated steel/stainless steel materials. Vacuum valves have a temperature range of 0 to 160°F, a maximum vacuum of 29" Hg, and a maximum pressure of 250 psi.

    State: MA
  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering, Inc. offers OMEGA FLO Series miniature solenoid valves for applications involving analysis technology, reliably handling difficult liquids such as acids, bases, pharmaceutical elements, and fluids in biotechnology processes. Valves have a pressure range of 0 to 30psi, and an orifice measurement of 1/16".

    State: CT
  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic Corp. offers polypropylene micro valves. Valve sizing options include: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4". Configurations offered include: female, female x male, and hosebarb. Micro valves feature a 180° rotating handle. The precision molded polypropylene is reinforced with fiberglass for additional strength.

    State: OH
  • Kuhnke Automation Inc

    Kuhnke Automation Inc. offers two families of solenoid operated micro valves. These valves have applications for medical dental, and laboratory devices. Valves are 3/8 and 5/8 inch wide and are manifold mounted. Valves are constructed using a durable plastic material (Pocan) and have encapsulated coils. Valve options include: 10mm low power 2/3 way valve, 10mm standard 2/3 way valve, 15mm 3 way valve, and accessories. Operating pressure ranges from 0 to 145 psi.

    State: NJ
  • Pneumadyne, Inc.

    Pneumadyne, Inc. offers precision machined sub-micro valves. Valves have a flow rate of 2.9 scfm at 125 psi, producing a Cv of 0.04. Valves are provided with metal actuators which enhance their robust design. Valves are given an electroless nickel plating for corrosion and wear resistance. Valves can survive in temperatures ranging from -20° to 160°F.

    State: MN
  • SGE Inc

    SGE Inc. designs microcontrol valves specifically for chromatography applications and may be used at elevated temperatures from high vacuum to medium pressure. The valves are vacuum rated to a leak rate of 1 x 10-5 cc/sec of Helium except for BMCV and SMOV, which are not tested for this application. Valves have a pressure rating of 700psi  and a flow rate ranging from 0 to 2000mL/min. Stem lengths range from 50-100mm. Valves provide a minimal exposure to stainless steel, a fully swept flow path, easy installation, minimal dead volume, etc.

    State: TX
  • Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC

    Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC offers Upchurch micro valves. Valves have flow rates as low as 3.5μL/minute (water). 1/4-28 or 10-32 fittings options are available. Maximum pressure limits range from 800 to 4000 psi.

    State: MO
  • Solenoid Solutions

    Solenoid Solutions manufactures Wattmeister Series miniature solenoid valves. Valves come with a brass or stainless steel body and stainless steel internal parts. Body orifice diameter is 0.25" to 1/8" and the stop orifice diameter is 0.025" to 5/64". Valves have an operating pressure of up to 1200 PSI, and a power consumption of 0.65-9 watts. Valves can vacuum to 5 microns, have a response time of 6 to 10 milliseconds, and leakage is bubble tight.

    State: PA
  • Valco Instruments Co Inc

    Valco Instruments Co Inc offers micro valves for liquid or gas handling applications. Valves have a bore size of 0.060" and can handle up to 200 psi. Valves come in a compact 1" design and the internal valve parts are made of PEEK and PTFE. "T", 90°, and 180° flowpath configurations are available.

    State: TX