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Simtech USA

Simtech is a provider of thermoplastic products and systems for use in control, containment and transport of corrosive fluids, fumes and high-purity water. Available products and systems include manual and actuated valves and controls. additional products include structurally reinforced thermoplastic piping systems, double containment piping systems and manual/hydraulic fusion welding equipment.

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215-547-0444, 877-777-2467
47- A Runway Rd., Bristol Industrial Park
Levittown, PA 19057


  • in Acid Resistant Valves

    Simtech provides manual and actuated ball valves that are chemically resistant to strong acids along with wet or dry chlorine, bromine, aliphatics, aromatics, alcohols, and chlorinated solvents. These acid resistant valves feature temperature tolerance of -40F to 275F, adjustable PTFE stem packing, and a full port uni-body design.

  • in Ball Check Valves

    Simtech offers their VQ Series true union ball check valves featuring true union end connectors. These ball check valves are round machined with a tumbled ball, have internal splines, and offer a combination seat/seal for an effective seal with minimum back pressure.

  • in Ball Valves

    Simtech is a provider of manual and actuated plastic ball valves in many styles, including ball check, compact molded in place, two piece molded in place, true union, wafer, two way and three way configurations. Simtech also offers the Z-Tech Series of manual and actuated severe chemical service ball valves for aggressive chemical process applications.

  • in Butterfly Valves

    Simtech is a provider of butterfly valves offered in either manually, pneumatically or electrically actuated configurations. Their manual VP Series feature bubble tight enclosures designed for flow control in minimum spaces. The pneumatically actuated VP Series butterfly valves offer electroless nickel plating for corrosion resistance. Simtech's electrically actuated VP Series feature heavy duty gears and permanent lubrication in a NEMA IV enclosure.

  • in Check Valves

    Simtech is a provider thermoplastic check valves. Their true union ball check valves are round machined with a tumbled ball. Internal splines minimize pressure drops. Simtech's wafer types are chemical resistant and compact for ease of installation. Their horizontal swing designs are designed for wastewater treatment, agricultural irrigation and chemical plant applications.

  • in Control/Relief Valves

    Simtech provides pressure relief valves in four configurations. The RMR Series pressure relief valve is a two port valve that relieves excess pressure in the line or system. The RNL Series no-lube pressure relief valve offers the same features as the RMR Series in a "no lube" configuration.

  • in Double Check Valves

    Simtech USA is a provider of double door check valves in 1" to 24" sizes. Featuring a pressure rating of 150psi, the valves feature EPDM, Buna, Viton, and Teflon seals; IPS plain ends, ANSI 150lb. flanged, NPT threaded, and wafer connections. All the double door check valves feature full port design.

  • in Plastic Ball Valves

    Simtech is a provider of plastic ball valves in many configurations. They offer manually actuated, pneumatically actuated and electrically actuated true union plastic ball valves, as well as true union and true union three way plastic ball valves with locking handles. Simtech also provides manual compact molded in place and two piece molded in place plastic ball valves.

  • in Plastic Check Valves

    Simtech offers plastic check valves in a variety of models including the VQ Series true union ball check valve with true union end connectors for easy maintenance, as well as the WC series wafer check valve with a light-weight, chemical resistant design. Simtech also offers their VS series plastic horizontal swing check valves.

  • in Shut-off Valves

    Simtech USA manufactures manual shut-off valves and no lube manual shut-off valves. Both shut-off valve types feature a compact thermoplastic valve to be used with a minimum of hand, foot or knee pressure. Suitable for most harsh chemicals, the valves feature NPT threaded or MPT threaded connections, and nominal size ranging from 1/4" to 2".