Actuated Butterfly Valves Category

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  • Dultmeier

    Dultmeier Sales is a supplier of air actuated butterfly valves from Keystone. Different configurations include 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4" and 6" double acting actuation, and 2", 3", 4" and 6" spring return actuation types. Air actuated ball valves are also available.

    State: IA
  • Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls is a manufacturer of VF Series two-way and three-way, spring return and non-spring return, electrically actuated butterfly valves. Johnson also offers their D-3000 commercial grade pneumatically actuated butterfly valves. These come in two-way or three-way spring return configurations. There are many more models to choose from as well.

    State: WI
  • Georg Fischer

    Georg Fischer offers Type 240 and 140 pneumatically and electrically actuated butterfly valves. These are wafer style valves with a unique double eccentric design. Other offerings include Type 141-142 and 241-242 electrically and pneumatically actuated butterfly valves.

    State: CA
  • Flomatic

    Flomatic offers actuated butterfly valves from Sylax, in wafer and lug style (electrically actuated). There are four models to choose from and all come in 2" to 12" sizes (50 mm to 300 mm). These actuated butterfly valves offer a rotary stem movement of 90 degrees or less in a compact design.

    State: NY
  • Valtorc

    Valtorc is a supplier of actuated butterfly valves. Their Series 1800 is a 3-way butterfly valve with non-spring return, spring return, or double acting actuator options. Their stainless steel Series 1400 butterfly valves are available with a direct mount stainless steel pneumatic actuator. Their triple offset metal seated Series 3000 butterfly valves feature low torque that enable the compact actuator.

    State: GA
  • Valworx

    Valworx is a manufacturer and distributor of electrically actuated butterfly valves featuring a wafer 12-24V AC/DC low voltage actuator design. There are over a half dozen models to choose from, with 2" through 8" NPT and orifice sizes, cast iron body material, and EPDM seal material.

  • Assured Automation

    Assured Automation is a provider of actuated butterfly valves for industrial process control applications. The 008 and 009 Series are PFA lined ductile iron butterfly valves, with the 008 being wafer style and 009 being lug style. They can be either electrically or pneumatically actuated.

    State: NJ
  • Triad

    Triad is an actuated butterfly valve manufacturer. Their Series 700 is an electrically actuated butterfly valve in lugged or wafer style, and is available in 2" through 16" sizes. Their Series 750 is a pneumatically actuated butterfly valve in lugged or wafer style in 2" through 16" sizes, with the option of either spring return or double acting actuators.

    State: MI
  • offers components and solutions for the industrial OEM industry. They carry both pneumatically and electrically actuated wafer style butterfly valves with a nylon coated ductile iron disc or a CF8M stainless steel disc. Electrically actuated butterfly valves also offer the options of battery back-up or variable control.

    State: NC
  • Trace Parts

    Trace Parts offers Cepex electrically or pneumatically actuated butterfly valves. There are a half dozen models to choose from.

    State: NH