Flanged Butterfly Valves Category

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  • Honeywell

    Honeywell designs and manufactures 2-way and 3-way flanged butterfly valves in pipe sizes from 2" to 20". Featuring maximum differential pressure ratings of 50 psi, 150 psi, or 175 psi, the N.O. resilient and seat resilient-type flanged butterfly valves are used for chilled water, hot water or cooling tower water systems.

  • Bray Controls

    Bray Controls manufactures resilient-seated double flanged butterfly valves and double flanged, double offset HP butterfly valves. The resilient-seated valves are available in 1" to 120" sizes and feature up to 250 psi. The double offset flanged butterfly valves are available in 1-1/2" to 60" sizes and feature ratings of ASME Class 150/300/600.

    State: TX
  • GA Industries

    GA Industries distributes flanged butterfly valves in sizes of 3" to 24" or 30" to 72". Featuring a ductile iron disc or epoxy-coasted ductile iron disc with stainless steel seat edge, these flanged butterfly valves are available with an optional electric motor or pneumatic/hydraulic cylinder actuator. Both flanged valve sizes are tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

    State: PA
  • Grainger

    Grainger distributes flanged butterfly valves manufactured by Val-Matic. Available in pipe sizes of 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12", the flanged butterfly valves are rated for 150 psi, and feature cast iron construction and temperature ranges of -70 to 210F.

  • Nibco

    NIBCO Inc. manufactures flanged butterfly valves used in HVAC, hot and cold domestic water, compressed air, condenser and chilled water, and vacuum service applications. Available in 2" to 12" sizes, these flanged butterfly valves are rated for 200 psi or 285 psi, and feature an extended neck. The body's are either polyamide-coated cast iron or polyamide-coated ductile iron.

    State: IN
  • Pentair

    Pentair distributes Keystone-brand triple eccentric, double flanged butterfly valves in 6" to 20" sizes. These flanged butterfly valves feature pressure ratings of 120 to 350 psi, with a temperature range of up to 220F.

  • Dan Foss Flowmatic

    Danfoss Flomatic manufactures flanged butterfly valves that are gear or lever operated. The gear operated flanged valves are available in 3" to 24" sizes; and feature a maximum pressure of 200 psi, working temperature of 180F maximum, and a cast ductile iron disc with stainless steel edge. The lever operated flanged valves are available in 3" to 8" sizes and feature a cast ductile iron body. This type of valve also feature a maximum pressure of 200 psi and working temperature of 180F.

    State: NY
  • Velan

    Velan Inc. manufactures high performance, cryogenic flanged butterfly valves in 6" to 48" sizes. With the pressure ratings of ASME Class 150-300, valve features include no cavity, a fire safe design, double offset, an extended bonnet, and stainless steel shaft bearings.

  • Nu Con

    Nu Con engineers and manufactures a series of flanged butterfly valves available in 8" to 16" sizes. Pneumatic actuator or manually operated the valves are suitable for general powder handling applications including silo and hopper outlets. Other valve features including locking pins for fixed position, and aluminum or stainless steel 316 body construction.

    State: MN
  • Sedelon Valve Co. Ltd.

    Sedelon Valve Co. Ltd. designs and develops flanged type, three offset butterfly valves in 2" to 36" sizes. Valve specifications include flange connection dimension, design standard: API609-83, structure length: ANSI B 16.10-1992, flange drilling: ISO5211, and pressure test: API 598-82.