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Georg Fischer Piping Systems

George Fisher Sloane LLC is an engineering, manufacturing and distribution company focusing on industrial thermoplastic fittings and pipe for the commercial, residential and industrial markets. Product offerings also include valves, actuators, sensors, instruments, cable management as well as customized parts.

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  • in Acid Resistant Valves

    Georg Fischer manufactures ball valves that exhibit a high chemical resistance to inorganic acids. Used in temperature ranges from -10C to 95C, the valves are constructed of PP-H and PVDF, and primarily used in the chemical process, food and beverage, and electroplating and metal industries.

  • in Actuated Butterfly Valves

    Georg Fischer offers Type 240 and 140 pneumatically and electrically actuated butterfly valves. These are wafer style valves with a unique double eccentric design. Other offerings include Type 141-142 and 241-242 electrically and pneumatically actuated butterfly valves.

  • in Ball Check Valves

    Georg Fischer manufactures a ball check valve type used to prevent backflow in chemical process, water treatment, microelectronics, cooling process, and ship building applications. The company's ball check valves feature a nominal pressure of 150 psi or 240 psi, and a range from 3/8" to 2" (with PVC up to 3").

  • in Butterfly Valves

    Georg Fischer supplies a line of metal butterfly valves and spare parts amongst other valves and actuators. The lineup is comprised of wafer, lug with hand lever or reduction gear with hand-wheel, electric wafer with or without a manual override, pneumatic wafer, electric lug without a manual override, and pneumatic lug butterfly valves without a manual override.

  • in CPVC Ball Valves

    Georg Fischer offers the following electrically actuated 3-way CPVC ball valves: Type 185, Type 133, and Type 107. Type 185 Horizontal/L-port ball valves have the following features: voltages ranging from 100 to 230V, 90°<) control ranges, EA21 electric actuators, sizes ranging from 3/8" to 2", manual overrides, pressures up to 150 PSI, and integrated stainless steel mounting inserts.

  • in Check Valves

    Georg Fischer offers check valves in multiple configurations, including angle seat, ball, gate, and needle types. Angle seat check valves feature PN 10 nominal pressure and PVC and ABS materials. Ball styles are self closing and self cleaning, and come in various materials and end connections. Gate types are PVC wafer designs with vertical or horizontal mounting.

  • in Control/Relief Valves

    Georg Fischer produces pressure control valves such as pressure retaining control valves, pressure reducing control valves and pressure relief valves. Pressure retaining valve selection includes V186 and V86 standard pressure retaining valves and V786 high performance pressure retaining valves.

  • in Electric Butterfly Valves

    Georg Fischer offers electric butterfly valves in a variety of configurations, including: SYGEF standard metric, PVC-U metric, PROGEF standard metric, and ABS metric. Valves have voltage ratings ranging from 100 to 230V, sizes ranging from 2" to 8", and have options for manual override. Materials include: epoxy, PVDF, GGG-40.3, polyvinyl chloride, etc. Other configurations offered by Georg Fischer include: variable area flow meters, metal, SYGEF Plus metric, PROGEF natural, etc.

  • in Hand Operated Valves

    GF offers hand operated butterfly valves (Type 567-568), large diameter butterfly valves with a double eccentric design for high PSI ratings (Type 567), and large diameter butterfly valves with PVDF/PTFE for harsh environements (Type 567-568).

  • in Needle Valves

    Georg Fischer Piping Systems offers needle valves for a wide range of applications. Models include the 1/2" type 522 and the SYGEF PVDF type 522 available in glove and angle configurations.

  • in PVC Ball Valves

    Georg Fischer LLC is a sales and marketing organization for valves. They offer both manual and actuated PVC ball valves. Manual types include True Union, 3-way and laboratory ball cock valves. Actuated PVC and CPVC ball valves come in over two dozen designs.

  • in PVC Check Valves

    Georg Fischer Piping Systems manufactures a variety of PVC check valves, including PVC wafer check valves designed for vertical or horizontal mounting in chemical processing and water treatment applications. Other types available include angle seat, check valves with strainers, and ball PVC check valves.

  • in PVC Globe Valves

    Georg Fischer is a manufacturer of Y-pattern PVC globe valves primarily used for throttling purposes. These valves can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical positions. Features include PE or PTFE chevron stem seals and discs. Size ranges of 1/2" to 3" are available.

  • in Plastic Ball Valves

    Georg Fischer manufactures manual and actuated plastic ball valves. The company's line of manual ball valves are available in true union, true union metering, and laboratory ball cock design. The line of electrically and pneumatically-actuated, plastic ball valves are available in 3-way construction.

  • in Plastic Butterfly Valves

    Georg Fischer is a supplier of products such as a variety of plastic valves including butterfly and other styles. Butterfly valve products available include those made from PVC, ABS, PROGEF and SYGEF. ABS plastic butterfly valves offered are pneumatically operated and are available in metric sizes with double acting, fail safe to close and fail safe to open options.

  • in Plastic Needle Valves

    Georg Fischer offers Type 522 Beta PP, SYGEF PVDF globe, and SYGEF PVDF angle plastic needle valves in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1/2".

  • in Pneumatic Ball Valves

    Georg Fischer LLC offers a variety of pneumatic ball valves, including the Type 285 available in both horizontal and vertical versions. Each type is available in either manual, electric or pneumatically actuated. The Type 230 series pneumatic ball valves are suited for the high demands of the industrial world.

  • in Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

    Georg Fischer manufactures solenoid valve and pilot solenoid valve types used to control single-acting pneumatic actuators. Both valve types are available in the dimensions for DN 1.5 and DN2, and also in a number of voltages including: 230 V, 50-60 Hz; 14 V, 50-60 Hz; 24 V, 50-60 Hz, and 24 VDC.

  • in Pneumatic Valves

    Georg Fischer manufactures pneumatically-actuated ball, butterfly, diaphragm, and Y-globe valves. Pneumatic all valves come 2- or 3-way with a variety of other options (manual override, fail close, fail open, double acting, etc.), while pneumatic butterfly valves come in Type 240 Wafer, Type 036 Plastic Wafer, and Type 388 Metal.

  • in Pressure Valves

    Georg Fischer offers pressure retaining, pressure reducing, and pressure relief valves. These valves come in sizes ranging from 3/8" to 4", and they can handle pressures ranging from 7 to 150 PSI.

  • in Solenoid Valves

    Georg Fischer offers its solenoid pilot valves in Type PV94 and PV95. The solenoid pilot valve Type PV94 features Port P compressed air connection, Port A actuator connection, connector plug, adapter and poly-amid/brass valve materials. The solenoid pilot valve Type PV95 in 3/2 way design features Port P compressed air connection, Port A actuator connection, connector plug, adapter and brass valve materials.

  • in Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

    Georg Fischer Piping Systems makes Type 037-038 butterfly valves with a stainless steel disc, for use in water treatment, swimming pools, aquariums, and ship building. These valves feature a good flow characteristic with Rilsan/Epoxy coating for high chemical resistance and are NSF 50 approved for potable water, as well as a nominal pressure rating of PN 10.

  • in Three Way Ball Valves

    Georg Fischer manufactures and distributes a family of 3-way ball valve types including: vertical/L-port, horizontal/L-port, horizontal/L-port PROGEF standard, horizontal/L-port standard PVDF, and horizontal/T-port PROGEF standard, and horizontal/T-port standard PVDF. The company's 3-way ball valves are available with threaded sockets and solvent cement sockets ASTM.