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  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic Corp. is an online supplier of hand operated plastic valves. Types available include 3-way, butterfly, wafer, gate, globe, needle, Y-pattern, 2-way ball, ball and miscellaneous manually operated valves. Stopcocks and labcocks, as well as spigots and faucets, are also available.

    State: OH
  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker are manufacturers of hand operated PFA/PTFE valves. Types available include slurry, 1" diaphragm, 1/2" 2-way diaphragm, 1/2" 3-way diaphragm, and 1/4" diaphragm manually operated valves.

    State: OH
  • Specialty Mfg Co.

    SMC are manufacturers of hand operated brass and steel ball valves. There are two dozen manually operated ball valve series' to choose from, include one way, two way, two way right angle, three way, four way, five way, and many others.

  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger are online distributors of hand operated temperature and relief valves from Watts. Types of manually operated valves include 3/4", 1", male and female NPT connections, BtuH ratings of 100,000 to 105,000, MIL-V-13612C, bronze construction, and more.

    Lake Forest
    State: IL
  • Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

    Carr Lane offers hand operated clamping valves in single acting 3 way, and single and double acting 4 way designs. Also available are manually operated shutoff valves in a high pressure, ball-type, hydraulic design.

    Saint Louis
    State: MO
  • Thermoplastic Valves, Inc. (TVI)

    TVI are manufacturers and sole distributors of their plastic hand operated valves. Types include butterfly, safety block ball, strong union ball, diaphragm, compact ball, and other types of manually operated plastic valves.

  • Valve Solutions Inc

    VSI are manufacturers and distributors of hand operated butterfly valves. Their Series 2000 manually operated butterfly valves come in 2-way and 3-way configurations. Both are available in wafer or lug body style with handles (2" to 12"), manual gear operators (2" to 30") and electric or pneumatic actuators (2" to 30").

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC are distributors of hand operated valves by Parker, Ingersoll-Rand, Heinrich, NuLine, Jupiter Pneumatics and SMC. Manually operated valve types offered include oscillator, rotary disc, two hand anti-tie down, four way, three way, and others.

  • Reid Supply Company

    Reid Supply are online suppliers of rotary hand operated valves from SMC. Choose from 3/8 NPT, 2 or 3 position, 1/4 NPT 2 or 3 position, and detented, center blocked or cylinder to exhaust types of manually operated valves.

  • Georg Fischer

    GF offers hand operated butterfly valves (Type 567-568), large diameter butterfly valves with a double eccentric design for high PSI ratings (Type 567), and large diameter butterfly valves with PVDF/PTFE for harsh environements (Type 567-568).

  • Compressed Air Systems

    Compressed Air Systems offers hand operated gate valves in brass or stainless steel. Manually operated ball valves are also available in brass, stainless and carbon steel construction. Types of hand operated ball valves offered include imported, domestic, miniature, solder end, global, full port, locking handle, safety vented, full flow, dual Y, 3-way diverting, high pressure, and others.

  • Doering Company

    Doering are manufacturers of 2,3 and 4-way hand operated valves in detent latching and non-latching configurations. Types of manually operated valves offered include normally closed check valves, 2-way normally closed poppet valves, 2-way normally open poppet valves, and 2, 3 and 4-way spool valves.

  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. is a manufacturer and distributor of miniature pneumatic, vacuum and fluid circuitry components. Available products include a variety of miniature hand operated valves constructed of metal or plastic. Hand operated valve products include ball valves, quarter turn valves, button valves, flow control vavles, needle valves and oil drain valves.

    State: CO
  • Vortex Valves

    Vortex are manufacturers of hand slide orifice gate valves. These hand operated valves offer a tight dust seal when handling dry bulk materials in gravity flow situations. Vortex hand slide orifice gate valves can be used for bins and hoppers. Size/bore options include 2"-12" diameters.

  • Velan

    Velan are manufacturers of hand operated gate, globe and check valves in API 600 cast steel, API 603, knife gate, pressure seal and bolted bonnet, Y-pattern, API 602 small forged, and RAMA easy maintenance valves for nuclear service. Velan are also distributors of a full line of manually operated quarter-turn valves.