Cryogenic Valves Category

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State: AB, CA, CT, NC, NJ, NY, PA, QC
Country: Canada
  • CVT (Circle Valve Technologies)

    Circle Valve Technologies Inc. manufactures cryogenic non-jacketed and jacketed shutoff valves. The non-jacketed cryogenic valves are available with 1/4" to 2" connection sizes and with socket weld or butt weld end connections. Jacketed cryogenic valves feature globe, angle, or "Y" pattern body styles, and are available in 1/4" to 4" sizes.

    State: PA
  • Generant

    Generant designs and manufactures a line of cryogenic valves, including relief, high pressure relief, vent relief, check, liquid cylinder, one piece check, forged needle and inline relief valves. Cryogenic check valves are available in 1/2" to 3/4" sizes, with up to 7000 psi. Cryogenic relief valves are available in 1/2" to 1/2" sizes, and feature 10-750 psi.

    State: NJ
  • Velan

    Velan manufactures a line of cryogenic control and butterfly valves for extreme temperature applications. The company's line of cryogenic valves includes bellow seal control valves, cryogenic control valves, flanged and butt end weld butterfly valves, and quench relief control valves.

  • Magnatrol Valve Corp.

    Magnatrol Valve Corp. manufactures cryogenic solenoid valves, including bronze normally closed and normally open, and stainless steel internal pilot operated valves. The normally closed and normally open cryogenic valves are available with maximum differential pressures of 150 psi and 500 psi, and pipe sizes of 3/8" to 3/4" or 1/2" to 3". The stainless steel cryogenic valves feature maximum differential pressure up to 500 psi.

    State: NJ
  • Gems Sensors & Controls

    Gems Sensors & Controls manufactures two series of 2-way miniature, cryogenic solenoid valves that feature MOPD of 900 psi or 1000 psi, a CV range of 0.045 to 0.440 or 0.040 to 0.770, and 9 watts or 15 watts. The valves are used in environmental chamber, food processing, laser surgical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing applications.

    State: CT
  • Don Wolf & Associates

    Don Wolf & Associates distributes 2-way miniature cryogenic valves and 2-way high flow cryogenic valves manufactured by Predyne. The high flow valves feature orifice sizes from 3/64 to 1/4, a pressure range of 40 to 1000 psig, and flow rate of 0.040 to 0.770 CV. The miniature valves feature orifice sizes from 3/64 to 3/16, a pressure range of 30 to 900 psig, and flow rates from 0.045 to 0.440 CV.

    State: CA
  • Cryocomp

    Cryocomp manufactures cryogenic helium valves available in 1/2" to 2" pipe size weld ends. Available in manual or actuated designs, the valves can feature various body configurations.

    State: CA
  • Acme Cryogenics

    Acme Cryogenics manufactures cryogenic globe valves and control valves. The globe valves are designed for liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, and natural gas services, and are available in sizes from 1/2" to 2". They also feature flows of 6.6 to 50 CV. The control valves feature a stainless steel body, bubble tight shutoff; and are available as close tolerance manual, close tolerance actuated, close tolerance flow control, and close tolerance manual flow control valve types.

    State: PA
  • Boig and Hill

    Boig and Hill distributes Flowserve Worcester Controls-brand cryogenic valves available in four body configurations: 1/4"-2", 1/2"-2" (diverter), 3"-6" (wafer), and 3"-6" (flanged).

    State: NY
  • Prism Flow Products

    Prism Flow Products distributes KUKA-brand cryogenic valves throughout Canada. Cryogenic valve types include ball, gate, globe, and check. The various valves are used for oxygen, hydrogen, helium, natural gas, methane, and ethane services.

  • Gosco Valves

    Gosco Valves manufactures two series of cryogenic valves for soft-seated cryogenic applications or extreme metal-seated cryogenic applications. The valves feature pressures up to 1500 Class or 4500 Class, a temperature range of -328F to 500F or -454F to 1300F, and are available in 1/2" full port to 16" standard port sizes.

  • Valcor Engineering Corp

    Valcor Engineering Corp. manufactures commercial cryogenic solenoid valves for industrial applications. Available as normally open or normally close, the cryogenic valves feature all stainless steel welded construction and a fluid temperature range of -450F to 400F. The valves are suitable for liquid CO2, liquid methane, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, and liquid helium.

    State: NJ
  • Powell Valves

    Powell Valves manufactures a number of cryogenic valve types including bronze gate valves, stainless steel gate valves, bronze globe and angle valves, stainless steel globe valves, bronze swing check valves, and stainless steel swing check valves. The valves are available with silver-brazed tubing ends or threaded, weld ends.

    State: OH
  • Habonim USA

    Habonim USA manufactures cryogenic valves ranging in sizes from 1/4" to 6". Featuring a pressure range up to 4350 psi and a temperature range of -269C to 200C, the valves are used for helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, and LNG services.

    State: NJ
  • CPC-Cryolab

    CPC-Cryolab produces cryogenic vacuum jacketed shutoff valves, cryogenic extended stem shutoff valves, cryogenic extended bonnet shutoff valves, and cryogenic bellow seal globe valves.

    State: FL