Electric Butterfly Valves Category

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  • Asahi America

    Asahi America offers a variety of electric butterfly valves, including: Type 55 wafer style, Type 57 industrial grade, Type 57IL industrial grade lug style, Type 75 industrial grade, and large diameter PDCPD Giant. Valves have lever/gear operators from 1 1/2" to 40". Materials include: 304/316/403 stainless steel, Neoprene, PTFE, epoxy powder, cast iron, PVC, EPDM, PVC, PCDF, titanium, hastelloy, etc. Applications include: mining, food processing, irrigation, landfills, chemical processing, water/wastewater, etc. Other products offered by Asahi include: plastic gear operator, Pool-Pro for chlorinated water, Damper, Type 57LIS industrial grade, Type 56, etc.

    State: MA
  • BVC

    BVC offers Reliant AWWA and Automated Resilient Seated butterfly valves. Valves range in size from 1.5" to 48" and feature working pressures ranging from 90 to 250 psig. Available styles include: mechanical joint, double flanged, lug, and wafer. Materials include: cast iron, nylon, polyester epoxy, EPDM, Viton, various grades of stainless steel, silicone, neoprene, hypalon, aluminum bronze, etc.

    State: TX
  • DynaQuip Controls Inc

    DynaQuip Controls, Inc. offers a variety of electric butterfly valves with electric actuators, including: FDA approved 340/342 Series, workhorse 500/522 Series, and affordable 600/622 Series. Valves come in sizes ranging from 2" to 12", and they come in wafer and lug body styles. 340/342 valves come with a double-acting pneumatic actuator sized for 80 psi and a differential air supply of 150 psi. 600/622 Series valves feature a 1/60/120 power voltage and a 150 psi differential. Valves have applications for: petrochemical processing, chemical processing, HVAC, ATC, general industrial service, etc.

    State: MO
  • Georg Fischer

    Georg Fischer offers electric butterfly valves in a variety of configurations, including: SYGEF standard metric, PVC-U metric, PROGEF standard metric, and ABS metric. Valves have voltage ratings ranging from 100 to 230V, sizes ranging from 2" to 8", and have options for manual override. Materials include: epoxy, PVDF, GGG-40.3, polyvinyl chloride, etc. Other configurations offered by Georg Fischer include: variable area flow meters, metal, SYGEF Plus metric, PROGEF natural, etc.

  • Adamant Valves

    Adamant Valves offers sanitary butterfly valves. Valves have a temperature range from -5 to 95C, pressures ranging from vacuum to 1.0 Mpa, and work via a manual operation. Valves are made from a variety of materials, including: AISI 304/304L/316L, silicone, EPDM, and FPM. Sanitary butterfly valves have applications for: biotechnology, pharmacy, beverage, food, beer, and dairy.

    State: CA
  • Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls offers VF Series 2 & 3-way spring or non-spring return butterfly valves. Valves come in a variety of configurations, including: electrically actuated, pneumatically actuated, manually actuated, commercial grade, industrial grade, standard performance, high performance, etc. V-909x Series high pressure pneumatic actuated valves feature: pressures from 70 to 90 psig, low seating/unseating torques, a bubble-tight shutoff, and a compatibility with ANSI 125/150 slip-on and weld-neck flanges.

    State: WI
  • Triad Process Equipment

    Triad Process Equipment offers Series 700 lug or wafer electric butterfly valves. Valves have a voltage rating of 120 VAC, a maximum pressure of 225 PSIG, and line pressures ranging from 75 to 150 PSIG. These valves are constructed from ductile iron, EPDN, Buna, PTFE, 316 stainless steel, and 17-4 stainless steel materials.

    State: MI
  • FMC Technologies

    FMC Technologies offers WECO butterfly valves. These valves come in a complete range of sizes/styles, range in size from 2" to 24", and can handle working pressures up to 175 PSI. All materials of construction meet AISI and ASTM standards. Valves are free of bolts, pins, and line-in screws.

    State: TX
  • ARI Valve

    ARI Valve offers electrically actuated butterfly valves. Valves have notch levers, threaded eyelets, lock levers, gearboxes, pneumatic/electric actuators, and standard discs of stainless steel 1.4581 and 1.4401. Standard mediums include: process water, drinking water, hot water, warm water, cold water, etc.

    State: GA