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FNW is a provider of valve, piping, actuator and related products. Available valve products include ball, butterfly, gate, globe, knife gate and thermoplastic varieties.

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  • in Ball Check Valves

    FNW manufactures two types of check ball valves: a double union, PVC, ball check valve with NPT and SW ends; and a double union, CPVC ball check valve with NPT and SW ends. Both of the check ball valves have a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. The CPVC model has a maximum operating temperature of 194 F, while the PVC model's maximum operating temperature is 122 F.

  • in Ball Valves

    FNW manufactures a variety of brass body ball valves with NPT ends. Other ball valves from FNW include steel models and stainless steel models as well as flanged designs and special configurations.

  • in Brass Ball Valves

    FMW manufactures small body brass ball valves in 2-piece, full port designs. Many are rated at 600 WOG with options such as threaded ends, sweat ends, hose connection, press ends, and compression ends. There are well over a dozen types of brass ball valves to choose from.

  • in Brass Needle Valves

    FNW offers brass needle valves with a 1/4" x 1/4" female NPT connection rated to 600 psi at 300 F. Other features include brass bar stock body, brass seat, and PTFE packing.

  • in Butterfly Valves

    FNW designs and manufactures resilient seated butterfly valves for industrial applications such as pulp and paper, water purification, power and utilities, chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage, OEM and HVAC. Features include flanges designed for 125/150 lbs., standard 3166SS discs and stems for strength and chemical resistance, and an ISO 5211 mounting pad with square shaft that permits direct mount actuation to reduce hysteresis (2" to 12").

  • in Knife Gate Valves

    FNW Valve produces knife gate valves in three models. The 61B stainless steel lined metal seated knife gate valves are equipped with a ductile iron body and stainless steel wetted parts. The 65B stainless steel lined metal seated knife gate valves are equipped with a stainless steel body and yoke. The 67B stainless steel lined metal seated knife gate valves are equipped with a stainless steel body and yoke, and a thrust ball bearing yoke bushing.

  • in Stainless Steel Ball Valves

    Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (FNW) offers small body, flanged, three way and special ball valves in stainless steel materials. Small body, stainless steel ball valves include series of ball valves in standard port, blow out proof stem, full port, two piece, three piece, silicone free, cavity filled seat configuration, and adjustable packing design. Stainless steel flanged ball valves include ball valves with standard port, RTFE seats, one piece, two piece, and full port designs. Three way stainless steel valves include three way diverter standard port valves and three way full port flanged valves.

  • in Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

    FNW makes resilient seated butterfly valves, with 316SS disc and stem, square shaft mounting pad for direct mount actuation, sizes from 2" to 12" with pressure ratings up to 255psi, sizes from 14" to 24" with pressure ratings up to 188psi, and cartridge style seat for HVAC, food and beverage, chemical & petrochemical, power and utility applications, and more.

  • in Three Way Ball Valves

    FNW fabricates several series of three-way, stainless steel ball valves, and three-way, brass body ball valves. The company also develops small body ball valves, flanged ball valves and specially configured ball valves.