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Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co.

Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co. is a supplier specializing in air, check and butterfly valves. Support and custom valves are also available including pump protectors, tangential flow air eliminators, thermally activated valves, vacuum priming valves and nuclear valves.

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600 Fowler Ave.
Berwick, PA 18603


  • in Butterfly Valves

    Crispin features the K-Flo butterfly valve in 2 designs and in a size range from 3 to 168 inches. These products are fully compliant with the AWWA C504 standards. For municipal, power and industrial operations, the 500 series are heavy duty, resilient seated butterfly valves with flanged or mechanical joint configurations.

  • in Check Valves

    Crispin supplies check valves that meet ANSI/AWWA C512 standards and are ANSI/AWWA C508 compliant. Products include FV series foot, GC series globe, RF series rubber flapper, SWC series swing, TD series tilting disc, SC series surge, and the WC series wafer check valves.

  • in Nuclear Valves

    Crispin Valve manufactures air release valves for clean water and sewage, check valves, and nuclear and custom valves. Their air release valves meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA C512 standards. Their check valves are ANSI/AWWA C508 compliant.

  • in Pump Check Valves

    Crispin Valve manufactures pump check valves including foot valves that feature resilient seat for positive shut off, rugged construction, cast iron body, bronze disc and seat ring and Buna-N resilient seat. These valves come in 2" to 36" sizes.

  • in Silent Check Valves

    Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co. produces globe and wafer silent check valves. Globe silent check valves can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and are available in sizes from 2-1/2" through 36". Wafer silent check valves are available in sizes from 2" to 10" and are for potable water or drip tight applications.

  • in Tilting Disc Check Valves

    Crispin Valve manufactures tilting disc valves for efficient flow reversal control. This valve features field replaceable seat, cast iron body, stainless steel seat rings, epoxy coating inside and out and an optional bottom and top size dashpots available in sizes from 2" up to 72".

  • in Wafer Valves

    Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co. produces wafer silent check valves that feature a cast iron body, a maximum temperature rating of 150F, and ANSI Class 125 and Class 250. Used for potable water or drip tight applications, the valves are fully automatic, spring loaded and double guided. The valves are available in sizes 2"-10".