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C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc.

C.I. Thornburg is a manufacturer and distributor of a large product line of control systems, control panels, plugs, pipe grips, adapters, clamps, water treatment equipment, connector and pipeline seals. C.I. Thornburg also offers control systems with programmable logic control for schematic drawing and allow mounting brackets and inner doors. Pipe grips can be used for valves, fittings and hydrants. Adaptors can be used with rigors of modern traffic conditions and clamps can repair breaks, holes, cracks or other type of damage to cast iron, steel, asbestos cement, copper, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass. C.I. Thornburg clamps are used for water and sewer applications. Pipeline seals used for soldering, welding and replacement applications. Services include engraving for nameplates, legend plates and instrument tags.

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4034 Altizer Ave.
Huntington, WV 25722


  • in Ball Check Valves

    C.I. Thornburg is a supplier of swing-type, gravity-operated ball check valves; and swing-type, lever and weight ball check valves. The valves' sizes range anywhere from 2 1/2" to 24", with each featuring a maximum working pressure ranging from 150 to 175 psig.

  • in Butterfly Valves

    C.I. Thornburg offers Mueller Lineseal III butterfly valves in a size range from 4 to 48 inches. These products have a seat-in-body design, a tight disc-to-shaft pin connection, a stainless steel disc edge, symmetrical lens shaped disc, non-metallic bearings and V type packaging. Butterfly valves are configured with flanged ends, mechanical joint ends, flanged with mechanical joint ends, flanged with slip ons, and slip on.

  • in Check Valves

    C.I. Thornburg serves the municipal water and wastewater industry in all of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and the southern part of Ohio. They offer swing type gravity operated check valves in sizes from 2 1/2" through 24". Thornburg also offers swing type lever and weight types with the same basic features. Both styles come with either FL. x FL. ends or M.J. x M.J. ends. Swing type spring and lever check valves are available with either adjustable weight or adjustable spring tension to control opening and closing of the clapper.

  • in Gate Valves

    CI Thornburg distributes resilient wedge gate valves with an iron body, iron wedge, non rising stem, and in different styles. The Mueller gate valves with flanged ends come in sizes of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches. The Mueller gate valves with mechanical joint ends come in sizes of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches.

  • in Spring Check Valves

    C.I. Thornburg designs and manufactures spring check valves with maximum working pressures of 150 psig or 175 psig, and test pressure of 300 psig or 350 psig. Available in sizes ranging from 2-1/2" to 24", these spring check valves feature flanged ends with bronze or rubber disc facings.

  • in Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

    The CI Thornburg Co carries Mueller Lineseal butterfly valves, with a 316 stainless steel disc edge, in sizes from 4" to 48" with flanged or mechanical joint ends, symmetrical lens-shaped disc, cheveron "V" type packaging, and more.