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  • Marwin Valve

    Marwin Valve manufactures a line of ball valves, accessories and specialty products. The two piece ball valves are offered as manual or automated in brass, carbon steel and stainless steel. Three piece ball valves are configured in a variety of ways for many applications. Flanged ball valves come as one piece, two piece and three piece with easy bolt up installation. Multi-port valves are suited for mixing and delivering with L port or T port balls, bottom or side entry, ANSI flanged or threaded end connections. Specialty products include unique valves with high alloy materials, metal seats and customizations.
    State: OH
  • Nibco

    Nibco designs and manufactures a wide selection of ball valves. Valve selections include two piece brass ball valves, one and three piece bronze ball valves, a one piece molded PVC body CPVC-CTS ball valve, unibody or split body carbon steel flanged ball valves, one or three piece carbon steel ball valves, and other types such as gas, medical gas, PVC schedule 40, prepackaged pneumatic, stainless steel and stainless steel flanged ball valves.

    State: IN
  • Praher Valves

    Praher Valves provides valves for a wide range of solutions. Available ball valves include 2 way and 3 way true union, 2 way PVC true union, CPVS true union, PVC single union, PVC econo-seal, pneumatic and electrically actuated ball valves. Their selection of check valves includes CPVC ball check valves, wafer check valves, swing check valves and double union spring check valves. Other valves includes butterfly, actuated butterfly, knife gate, diaphragm and foot valves.
  • Quadrant

    Quadrant Valve & Actuator manufactures safe welded ball valves with two-piece, tailpiece-loaded ball valve construction. They also offer a line of ASME B16.34 and API 608 compliant ball valves in classes 900, 1500, 2500 and 4500. Other styles of ball valves include one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, flanged end, maintenance design, multi-port and flanged floating ball valves. Three separate butterfly valve product lines are also produced in 2" through 48" sizes, as well as in both wafer and lug body styles.

  • Red White Valve Corp.

    Red-White Valve Corp. manufactures balancing, ball, butterfly, check, gate and globe valves. Their ball valves are produced in materials of bronze and brass, carbon steel and stainless steel, CSA gas, EZFit, mini, PEX, and Poly/PVC. Their bronze and brass ball valves come with either threaded, solder joint, screwed, compression, union, EzGrip, male/female, or threaded/hose ends. Their carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves come in 1/2"-2" or 1/4"-2" sizes.

    Lake Forest
    State: CA
  • MI Valve Co. Ltd.

    Mi Valve offers cast and forged ball valves including split body and fully welded designs for use in power engineering, water supply, process engineering, and crude oil transportation. Their models include cast floating, cast trunnion, forged floating, and forged trunnion.

  • Sharpe Valves

    Sharpe Valves offers a variety of valves including ball, butterfly, gate, globe, and check valves. Line of ball valves includes various styles and configurations such as the high performance 3 piece ball valves (in full port and high pressure), high purity tube full port ball valves in 3 piece, special service ball valves (in metal seated, cryogenic, chlorine, steam services and flush bottom tank options), fire safe ball valves, flanged ball valves, multi-port ball valves, seal welded body ball valves, and economy ball valves.

    State: IL
  • Virgo Engineers

    Virgo Engineers' product line includes floating ball valves, trunnion mounted ball valves, butterfly valves, and actuators. Floating ball valves come in a range of sizes form ½” to 12” while the trunnion mounted ball valves come in a range of sizes from 2” to 56”.

    State: TX
  • Warren Alloy

    Warren Alloy distributes ball valves in a diverse selection of body types, materials and configurations as well as a wide range of sizes from 1/4 inch to 24 inches, ANSI pressure classes 150 through 1500 lb., and material types such as 316, 304, Alloy 20, C-276, 317L, Carbon Steel and a variety of other duplexes. They carry flanged ball valves, threaded and socket weld ball valves, seal welded threaded and socket weld ball valves and 3 way ball valves.

    State: TX
  • PBM Valve Solutions

    PBM Valve Solutions provides ball valves for sanitary, industrial, marine/seawater and instrumental applications. Sanitary valves is comprised of 2 way ball valves, 2 way clean steam trap valves, 2 way flush tank valves, 3 way diverter port valves, 4 and 5 way multi port valves, check valves, cryogenic valves, fire rated valves, self cleaning valves, spray ball valves, V ball control valves, piggable valves and rising stem sampling valves. Industrial valves incorporates 2 way bronze ball valves, 3 way diverter port valves, ANSI ball valves, cryogenic valves, carbon sealed valves, V balls for control, nuclear valves and transmitter isolation valves to the product line. Marine valves includes ANSI bronze valves, automated bronze valves, and bronze 2 way valves. Instrument valves includes double block valves, instrument isolation valves and transmitter isolation valves.

    State: PA
  • Assured Automation

    Assured Automation is a manufacturer of ball valves including a wide range of models such as manual ball valves with limit switches, full port ball valves, flanged ball valves, plastic full port ball valves and flanged ball valves with direct mount actuators.

    State: NJ
  • Tulsa Valve

    Tulsa Valve's line of ball check valve products includes ductile iron ball check valves and carbon steel ball check valves in 1" and 2" sizes with NPT threaded ends and Viton or Buna-n seats.

    State: OK
  • Aegis Flow Technologies

    Aegis Flow Technologies manufactures a variety of ball valves including low torque standard port ball valves, fully lined full port ball valves and high performance ball valves for a broad range of applications.

    State: LA
  • Anver

    Anver is a valve manufacturer offering a variety of ball vavle products such as vented vacuum ball valves, miniature ball valves and locking vacuum ball valves.

    State: MA
  • Boston Metal Products

    Boston Metal Products manufactures a wide array of ball valves for various applications. Boston Metal Products ball valve products include forged brass ball valves, forged brass valves, female NPT forged brass ball valves, and miniature ball valves.