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  • Cameron

    Cameron distributes floating ball valves and trunnion ball valves in a wide range of models in various materials, end connections, trim and stems. Floating ball valves include NAVCO, NUTRON and WKM models. Trunnion ball valves include NUTRON's model TT with forged steel or stainless steel construction, flanged and butt weld end connections, and blow out proof stems. There are also WKM's DynaSeal models available.  Construction materials include cast steel, stainless steel, hex bar stock, investment cast, forged steel, ductile iron and carbon steel. Connection options include threaded end and flanged end with blow out proof stems.

    Ville Platte
    State: LA
  • Swagelok

    Whitey valves products, now offered by Swagelok include a variety of ball valves. The types of ball valves offered include general purpose, multi-purpose, trunnion, instrumentation and special application. The general purpose ball valves (Model 60) are offered in two way and 3 way styles and in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and special alloy materials. The multipurpose ball valves (model 33) have a high flow capacity with working pressure up to 6000 psig (413 bar). The one piece instrumentation ball valves (model 40) can handle working pressures up to 3000 psig (206 bar) and temperatures from –65 to 300°F (–53 to 148°C). The trunnion ball valves have working pressures up to 10,000 psig (689 bar),

  • Flowserve

    A division of Flowserve, Worcester Controls offers an extensive collection of ball valves. Products include multi-way, flanged, 59 series, full port, fire rated, cryogenic, energy mizer, chlorine and diverter ball valves. Also offered are hydromizer ball valves for high pressure fluids to 6000 psi., A44 ball valves in six body sizes, and A459 ball valves in sizes 2 1/2" to 6".  Other types of valves Flowserve has available include wafer valves, full port valves, high-per mizer valves, characterized seat control valves and sanitary valves.

    State: NC
  • Smith Valve

    A division of The Newdell Company, Smith Valve offers its ball type check valves with various end connections and pressure classes from 150 through 2500 psi. Ball type check valves include conventional bolted cap valves with threaded end, and bolted cap spring ball type valves with threaded and flanged ends in various classes and valve sizes.

    State: TX
  • Baronshire Valves

    Baronshire Valves and Engineers Ltd offers flanged valves, diverters, brass valves, 3 piece valves, cryogenic, firesafe valves and trunnion valves. Flanged ball valves include carbon steel and stainless steel body materials, reduced bore, full bore, one piece and 3 piece designs. The Series 42 brass ball valves are forged brass reduced bore valves in a 2 piece design with BSP or NPT ends. 3 piece construction ball valves are offered in carbon steel, stainless steel and brass with pressures up to 6,000 psi. The Cryogenic ball valve is available in three piece or one piece body, with end connections of BSP, NPT, socket weld or butt weld. The trunnion mounted valve is three-piece carbon steel full bore designed to API 6D with a blow out proof stem, firesafe design, anti-static device and emergency injection seal ports.

  • Balon Corporation

    Balon offers an advanced ball valve design that eliminates the need for grease fittings and regular lubrication. Features include a multi-seal seat design, backseated blowout-proof stem, and no bolts or glands for a more trouble free ball valve.

    Oklahoma City
    State: OK
  • J Flow Controls

    J Flow Controls manufactures ball valves, control valves and specialty valves. The types of ball valves offered include 1 piece, 2 piece, 3 piece, flanged, 3-way ball valves and 4-way ball valves. Ball valves are available in various configurations including flanged fire safe, direct mount, threaded end, seal welded, high pressure fire safe and more. Various control valves are double seated globe valves with top and bottom guide, single seated globe valves with top guide, angle, 3 way mixing and diverting globe valves, heavy duty cage balanced globe valves, direct mount, flanged segmented ball valves and wafer segmented ball valves. Specialty valves include sleeved plug valves, sanitary butterfly valves, in-line check valves and firesafe top entry 3 piece valves.

    State: OH
  • Flo-Tite, Inc.

    Flo-Tite, Inc. manufactures threaded valves, stainless steel ball valves, brass ball valves, economy valves, 3 piece valves, flanged valves, multi-port valves, V-port control valves, tank valves and cryogenic valves. Model features include various body styles, designs, sizes, ends and seats. The ball valves with threaded ends and 1 and 2 piece body designs are suited for smaller sized pipelines under three inches in size. The ball valves with threaded ends and 3 piece body designs have removable center section for simple welding of valve end caps. The flanged end valves with 1 and 2 piece body designs feature end-to-end or face-to-face dimensions controlled by ANSI. The multi-port ball valves feature 2 or 3 replaceable, conventional straight line valves.

  • Flowserve

    Flowserve distributes ball, butterfly, pipeline, plug, plug-lined, plug-lubricated, polyethylene and rotary valves. Ball valves supplied include spring loaded ball valves, 3-way and 4-way ball valves, high pressure ball valves, plastic ball valves, brass ball valves, actuated ball valves, electric ball valves, and air operated ball valves. Other ball valve types include: lined, full-port lines, control, 3-way lined, lined monoblock, general services, hydro-mizer, energy mizer, sanitary, cryogenic, multi-way, flanged, full bore, stainless steel, ceramic-lines, chlorine, and steel styles. Brands include NAVAL, Noble Alloy, Durco, Worcester Controls, Atomac, Argus and McCANNA/MARPAC.

    State: TX
  • Gemini Valve

    Gemini Valve manufactures motorized ball valves, pneumatic ball valves and manually operated ball valves in a three valve series. Their product line includes the general industrial series (brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, monel and alloy), the instrumentation series (brass ball valves and stainless steel ball valves), maintenance-free series (brass and stainless steel), 3 piece ball valve series (stainless steel), diverter series (carbon and stainless steel), and the wafer ball valve series (stainless steel). The company's line of valves also includes spring-loaded ball valves, check ball valves, actuated ball valves and electric ball valves.

    State: NH
  • FBV

    FBV manufactures ball valves, gate valves, globe valves and check ball valves. Ball valves include trunnion ball valves, electric ball valves, spring-loaded ball valves, and floating ball valves. Trunnion ball valves are anti-static, fire safe, front ball sealing and double block function designed. Floating ball valves feature a double beveled sealing ring and fire safe design with non-fireproof material. Other available valves include gate, globe and swing check valves in cast steel and forged steel, as well as wafer check valves.

    State: NY
  • DynaQuip Controls

    DynaQuip Controls manufactures valves in carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass/bronze. Carbon steel ball valves include 1-piece economy valves, 2-piece screwed body valves, 2-piece medium pressure valves, 2/3-piece high pressure valves, and 3-piece bolted in-line valves. Stainless steel ball valves include 2-piece screwed body valves, 2-piece bolted in-line valves, 3-way ball valves and 3-piece bolted in-line valves. Brass/bronze ball valves include 3-way valves, 3-piece bolted in-line valves, 2-piece screwed body valves, 2-piece safety exhaust valves and 1-piece mini valves.


    Saint Clair
    State: MO
  • Array

    Array manufactures gate valves, Accuseal ball valves and Accuseal plug valves. Amongst the Accuseal ball valves, the trunnion mounted ball valve features a tight shutoff, low operating torques, double bloc, bleed bi-directional seating, and 3 piece forged body and end connections. The CSV critical science metal seated ball valve features a size range from 1/2 to 36 inches and a wide range of coatings. The SPV metal seated ball valve comes in 1/2" to 2.5", carbon steel, chrome carbide plus coating and fused coatings.

    State: OK
  • Asahi/America

    Asahi/America manufactures check ball valves, Type 21 ball valves, Omni ball valves, Type 23 Multiport 3-way ball valves, Labcock ball valves, and Halar ball valves with a variety of options. Type 21 ball valves feature industrial grade, PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF materials, and a size range from 1/2" to 6". Omni ball valves feature a one-piece compact design, PVC, CPVC, and a size range from 3/8" to 3". Type 23 Multiport 3-way ball valves feature industrial grade, PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF materials, and a size range from 1/2" to 6". Ball valve options include stem extensions, locking handles, panel mounts, remote operating nuts and limit switches. Other valve types offered include butterfly, diaphragm, check, globe, gate, pressure relief, constant flow and sight glass valves.

    State: MA
  • Avco

    Avco or Alloy Valves and Controls offers check ball valves and actuator ball valves in various sizes, end connections, valve materials, ball and stem materials and seat materials. End connection types includes NPT, socket weld, clamp ends, flanged, NPT, butt weld, extended tube, short tune, socket weld tube, flush bottom tank pad, and vacuum fitting ends end connections. Materials for valves, ball and stems includes 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys, hasetlloy B & C, monel, and alloy 20. Seat materials includes TFE, RTFE (no mount and direct mount), TFM cavity filled, PEEK, UHMWPE, CTFE, PCTFE, metals, and Hostaflon. The 100 Series of ball valves feature a 1/4"-2" regular port sizes with 800 WOG. The 200 Series feature a 1/4"-3" full port sizes with 1000 WOG. The 300 Series feature a 1/4"-2" regular port sizes with 800 WOG. The 500 Series feature a 1/4"-4" (no mount) and 1/2"-4" (direct mount & clamp ends). The 900 Series feature a 1/2"-12" full port sizes. The 1100 Series feature a 1/4"-4" full port size with 2000 WOG or 3000 WOG. The 1500 Series feature a 1/4"-4" full port size. The 1700 Series feature a 1/4"-2" size with 2000 WOG. The 1800 Series feature a 1/4"-2" size with 2000 WOG. The 1900 Series feature a 1/4"-4" full port size with 2000 WOG or 3000 WOG. The 2100 Series feature a 1/4"-4" full port tube size with 1500 WOG.

    Santa Ana
    State: CA