Stainless Steel Ball Valves Category

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  • DuraValve

    DuraValve is a supplier of stainless steel ball valves. Features include pressure ranges of 800 psi to 2000 psi, one piece or two piece construction, reduced port threaded ends, full port threaded ends, through or socket-weld ends, and flanged ends. They come in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2". Three way, standard port stainless steel ball valves are also available.

    Elk Grove Village
    State: IL
  • Specialty Mfg Co.

    The Specialty Mfg. Co. or SMC manufactures a variety of stainless steel ball valves with multiple configurations, sizes and materials. The 2000, 3000 and 5000 series features ball valves with 316 or 303 stainless body, ends and ball with Teflon seats and stainless steel handle screw. The 2000, 3000 and 5000 series of stainless steel ball valves also includes 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, and 1/2" NPT respectively.

    Saint Paul
    State: MN
  • AT Controls

    AT Controls manufactures stainless steel automated ball valve packages. Types include 2-piece direct mount, 3-piece sanitary end, 3-piece performance, and direct mount flanged stainless steel ball valves.

  • Discover Valve

    Discover Valve is an online valve supply house offering stainless steel ball valves and 3 piece stainless steel ball valves. Types include standard port (reduced flow), full port (full flow), threaded and socket weld 3 piece body, cryogenic (extended stem), and seal-welded. 3 piece stainless steel ball valves range in sizes from 1/4 inch to 4 inch.

    State: CA
  • Parker

    Parker manufactures five series of stainless steel ball valves capable of performing at various pressures including 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 psig. One of the company's ball valve models can operate at pressures ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 psig. Depending on model, the ball valves are available with inline, angle, three-way, two-way inline, two-way bi-directional, and two-way configurations.

    State: AL
  • Flowserve

    Flowserve offers the Navalball stainless steel ball valves. These valves are one piece, all welded, soft seated, on/off valves designed for the chemical and process industries. Features include a one piece welded design with no body parts to leak. The ball and stem are made of stainless steel, as are the bevel spring washers. No welding required.

    State: TX
  • Bray International

    Bray manufactures 2-way and 3-way stainless steel ball valves for building automation, temperature controls and HVAC, hot water, and steam and chilled water applications. Their VCB Series is designed specifically for the HVAC market and all automatic temperature control applications using hot water or chilled water. They come in flanged or threaded configurations, as well as spring return and non-spring return styles.

    State: TX
  • Hydac

    Hydac manufactures the KHNVS Series of low pressure stainless steel ball valves machined from investment cast stainless steel suitable for corrosive materials. The maximum pressure range for these valves in 2000 psi and they are intended for use as an isolation valve. Sizes range from 1/4" to 2". Hydac also offers high pressure ball valves up to 7250 psi in stainless steel.

    Lehigh Valley
    State: PA
  • Valve Solutions

    Valve Solution, Inc. manufactures stainless steel ball valves. Unimizer 2 way ball valves feature optional stainless steel balls in 50 various models suited for chilled water, hot water, glycol or contact factories. The 3/4 inch V port ball control valves also feature stainless steel balls ideal for control on low pressure steam of 30 psi.

    State: GA
  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. is a supplier of ball check valves, thread/barb check valves, and high pressure check valves that feature a stainless steel ball and spring. Thread sizes for the stainless steel valves include 1/4" and 3/8" NPT.

    State: CO
  • Gemini Valve

    Gemini Valve produces valves in 316 stainless steel body materials. Stainless steel valves include 76, 86 and 96 general industries series of valves with NPT and BSPT range from 1/4" to 2", 82 instrumentation series of tube compression valves, 87 series of high cycle ball valves, 89 three piece ball valve series, 309 diverter series of 3-port ball valves, and 98 series of wafer style ball valves.

    State: NH
  • Virgo Engineers

    Virgo Engineers manufactures stainless steel ball valves including floating and trunnion mounted ball valves. Floating ball valves are available in a size range from ½” to 12” NB , 2 piece construction and stainless steel materials. Trunnion mounted ball valves are available in a size range from 2” to 56” NB, stainless steel materials, and flanged RF/RTJ and butt weld ends.

    State: TX
  • Warren Alloy

    Warren Alloy manufactures ball valves in flanged, threaded and socket weld, seal welded threaded and socket weld, and three way configurations. Warren Alloy ball valves are available in a range of sizes from 1/4 inch to 24 inches. ANSI pressure classes 150 through 1500 lb, and various valve material types including stainless steel.

    State: TX
  • Metso

    Metso distributed Jamesbury ball valves in stainless steel construction including flanged, threaded end and special service ball valves. Series 6000 and 9000 of full-port flanged ball valves, Series 5000 and 7000 standard port flanged ball valves, and 3-way flanged ball valves are available with 316 stainless steel body and trim materials. Series 7000 and 9000 flanged, standard port, DIN ball valves are available with 1.4408/A351 Gr.CF8M Stainless steel. Line of threaded end ball valves with 316 stainless steel includes Clincher Series 2000, Series 6F ball valve's 2-piece, full port, threaded valves, Style A ball valves, Series 100 standard-bore ball valves, Series 3000 ball valves, Series 5H threaded-end ball valves, ELIMINATOR ball valves, Series 3A/3C ball valves with a 3-piece threaded or socket-weld body design, and Series 4000 full and standard bore ball valves.

    Colorado Springs
    State: CO
  • Cameron

    Cameron offers floating ball valves by NAVCO, NUTRON and WKM and trunnion ball valves by NUTRON and WKM with stainless steel body construction and stainless steel stem designs. Floating ball valves includes NAVCO Model B2 with stainless steel trim, NAVCO Model C1 with one piece cast steel construction and stainless steel trim, NAVCO Model S10 with one piece flanged stainless steel ball valve, NAVCO Model S20 with two piece threaded end stainless steel ball valve, NAVCO Model S30 with two piece threaded end stainless steel ball valve, NUTRON Models T3 and B3 with forged steel construction and more. Trunnion ball valves feature forged steel or stainless steel construction.

    Ville Platte
    State: LA