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FBV, Inc.

FBV, Inc. is a manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel ball, gate, globe and check valves. FBV valves have acquired API 6D, API 600 and CE certification and as well as the management system as ISO9001, ISO/TS 29001 and API Q1.

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  • in Ball Valves

    FBV manufactures ball valves, gate valves, globe valves and check ball valves. Ball valves include trunnion ball valves, electric ball valves, spring-loaded ball valves, and floating ball valves. Trunnion ball valves are anti-static, fire safe, front ball sealing and double block function designed. Floating ball valves feature a double beveled sealing ring and fire safe design with non-fireproof material. Other available valves include gate, globe and swing check valves in cast steel and forged steel, as well as wafer check valves.

  • in Floating Ball Valves

    FBV Engineered Solutions manufactures floating ball valves featuring reliable seat seal structure with double-beveled sealing ring for reduced friction between the ball and the sealing ring. This design allows for lower operation torque. FBV floating ball valves are fire safe to API607, API 6FA and BS 6755 requirements.

  • in Spring Loaded Ball Valves

    Ball valve products offered include those that are loaded by beveling springs, with additional features including blowout proof stems, locking mechanisms and mounting brackets. Additional valve products are also available.

  • in Trunnion Ball Valves

    FBV forged Trunnion ball valves have floating seats and a fixed ball valve. This is a widely used valve in high pressure and large size applications. Bearings could be mounted in the top and bottom shaft to reduce operation torque. Cast Trunnion ball valves are also available.