Three Way Ball Valves Category

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  • Specialty Mfg Co.

    Specialty Mfg. Co. manufactures 3-way ball valves and a 3-way trunnion ball valve. All of the company's 3-way ball valves have a maximum operating pressure of 125 psi and a maximum operating temperature 140F. They are typically used in air, water, beverage, chemical, mixing, and sampling applications.

    Saint Paul
    State: MN
  • Discover Valve

    Discover Valve makes threaded and flanged 3-way ball valves. Their threaded 3-way ball valves come in sizes of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", and 2" models for diverting (L-type) or mixing (T-type) while their flanged end types come with 316 stainless steel body, ball, stem, teflon seals, and seat construction.

    State: CA
  • Industrial Specialties Mfg.

    Industrial Specialties Mfg. supplies 3-way ball valves, 3-way trunnion ball valves, and large 3-way ball valves to OEM's and distributors. All products have a maximum operating pressure of 125 psi and a maximum operating temperature of 140F. Body materials for standard valves include gray PVC, white polypropylene, black nylon, and black kynar.

    State: CO
  • Anderson Brass Company

    Anderson manufactures a Kantleak three-way diverter ball valve with a forged brass body. These valves are guaranteed to 20,000 leak free cycles with a double o-ring stem seal and a blow out proof stem.

    State: SC
  • Parker

    Parker supplies a number of valve types utilized in hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, refrigeration, and aerospace applications. The company's stock of valve products includes 3-way ball valves that are manual, motor-actuated, or solenoid operated.

  • Valve Solutions

    Valve Solutions Inc makes the Unimizer three-way ball valve, with EPDM o-ring stem seals, 0 to 90 degrees of rotation, nickel-plated brass ball construction, a glass filled polymer flow optimizer, and 360psi at -22F to 250F.

    State: GA
  • Asahi/America

    Asahi/America makes the Type 23 - Multiport 3-way ball valve in sizes of 1/2" to 6", with double O-ring seals on stem, are blow-put proof, made to standard L port ball construction, built-in spanner wrench, and PTFE seats with elastomeric backing cushions.

    State: MA
  • Bray International

    Bray International makes 3-way characterized ball valves for HVAC, hot water, building automation, steam, and chilled water applications, in threaded and flanged models, and can be equipped with different electric actuators such as on/off, proportional control models, and 3-wire floating models.

    State: TX
  • Flowserve

    Flowserve supplies a variety of valves - including three-way ball valves - produced by a number of manufactures including: Atomac, McCANNA/MARPAC, Worcester Controls, NAVAL, Durco, Argus, Valtek, NAF, and Noble Alloy.

    State: TX
  • Praher Valves

    Praher Valves are manufacturers of thermoplastic and plastic valves. They offer three types of 3-way, true union ball valves. Three-way ball valves feature pressure ratings of 144 - 232 psi and are used for applications in mining, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, waste and water treatment, process and environmental monitoring, green houses, water control systems, fisheries, irrigation and aquaculture applications.

  • Warren Alloy

    Warren Alloy is a distributor of three-way, multi-port ball valves that come in sizes ranging from 1-1/2" to 8". The three-way ball valves are available with T-port design and L-port design.

    State: TX
  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic is a supplier of Hayward brand three-way, PVC true union ball valves; and three-way, lateral ball valves. U.S. Plastic also supplies PVC, three-way ball valves; PVC, three-way plastic ball valves; and horizontal, three-way PVC ball valves.

    State: OH
  • Cameron

    Cameron manufactures and supplies flow equipment products including a diverter/three-way ball valve, which is available in diverter or three-way format. The valve is intended for 90 or 180 degree operation.

    Ville Platte
    State: LA
  • Georg Fischer

    Georg Fischer manufactures and distributes a family of 3-way ball valve types including: vertical/L-port, horizontal/L-port, horizontal/L-port PROGEF standard, horizontal/L-port standard PVDF, and horizontal/T-port PROGEF standard, and horizontal/T-port standard PVDF. The company's 3-way ball valves are available with threaded sockets and solvent cement sockets ASTM.

    State: CA
  • Hoke

    Hoke is a manufacturer of precision fluid control solutions including two series of three-way ball valves that use 180 degree operation. The three-way ball valves are used for instrument air lines, sampling systems, two-way gauge readouts, and manual cylinder actuation.

    State: SC