Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves Category

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  • Shan-Rod

    Shan-Rod makes butterfly dampers with stainless steel shafts and packing followers, including their medium duty models with maximum temperature of 1000F and 20psig static pressure for duct sizes from 4 to 48". The bushings are made of carbon/graphite and have a 1 psi standard max pressure drop.

    Berlin Heights
    State: OH
  • Assured Automation

    Assured Automation makes butterfly valves with stainless steel body materials and disc materials, in lugged (2" to 24") and wafer (2" to 12") models, with Buna or EPDM seats and seals, pneumatic, electric, and manual actuators, and more. Their other materials include carbon steel, Teflon, ductile iron, bronze, plastic, and more.

    State: NJ
  • Leca Int. Corp

    Leca provides stainless steel, standard butterfly valves that are pneumatic or electric-operated. Port connections include: clamp ends, between flanges, pneumatic, male/male, welding ends, and inch male/welding.

  • Apollo Valves

    Apollo Valves manufactures two series of lug body, stainless steel butterfly valves; and two series of wafer body, stainless steel butterfly valves. All of the company's butterfly valves are available in sizes 2" to 24" (DN 50 to DN 600) and feature ductile iron.

    State: NC
  • Cameron

    Cameron is a supplier of DEMCO stainless steel butterfly valves in sizes ranging from 2" to 36". The valves are cast in wafer and tapped-lug patterns, and feature a one-piece body for minimum weight. The butterfly valves are utilized in a number of industries including: chemical and petrochemical, agriculture, oil, gas, drilling, food, beverage, water and waste water, cooling towers, mining, dry bulk handling, and marine/government.

    Ville Platte
    State: LA
  • Crane Process Flow Technologies

    Crane Process Flow Technologies provides application solutions to the process control industry through the development of a variety of production and distribution valves including stainless steel butterfly valves.

  • FMC Technologies

    FMC Technologies supplies Weco brand stainless steel butterfly valves intended to solve fluid control problems in oil field and general industrial applications. FMC also manufactures a piston and vane-type actuator that is designed to work with the butterfly valve products.

    State: TX
  • Kennedy Valve

    Kennedy Valve Company manufactures several stainless steel butterfly valve models including the AWWA butterfly valve, which is intended for in-plant and underground applications. The valve is available in sizes ranging from 4" to 24". The company also produces a UL/FM butterfly valve that is designed for the fire protection industry and has a rating of 300 psi.

    State: NY
  • Mueller Steam Specialty

    Mueller Steam Specialty is a provider of grooved; full-lug; wafer; semi-lug; and stainless steel, full flange butterfly valves. The valves are designed for a variety of general applications in the control of water, steam, air, oil, and gases.

    Saint Pauls
    State: NC
  • Nu-Con

    Nu-con Ltd. manufactures three types of stainless steel butterfly valves: flanged, water style, and demountable. All valves can be supplied with pneumatic actuators or manual handles for operating. The company's sanitary, demountable butterfly valves are used in pharmaceutical applications where cleanliness is mandatory. The flanged and wafer style valves are suitable for powder handling and airflow control.

  • Posi-flate

    Posi-flate manufactures inflatable, stainless steel butterfly valves that fit ANSI and metric flanges, and feature fully-machined stainless steel housing. The butterfly valve is ideal for powders, granules, slurries and liquids; and is available in sizes 2" to 20". Typical applications include loading and unloading process materials, and sterile air control.

    Saint Paul
    State: MN
  • PureServe Systems

    PureServe Systems is a supplier of sanitary, stainless steel butterfly valves manufactured by VNE, GEA, Alfa Laval, Tru-Flo, and Top Line.

  • Valtorc

    Valtroc International manufactures a series of stainless steel butterfly valves ranging in size from 1.5" to 12". The valves are available with stainless steel lever operator, stainless steel gear operator, or direct-mount stainless pneumatic actuators.

    State: GA
  • Tantaline

    Tantaline supplies ABZ and Xomox brand acid-resistant, stainless steel butterfly valves that feature lug or wafer valve style. The valves are designed for highly-corrosive media and hot acids.

  • Key International

    Key International, Inc. manufacturers sanitary, stainless steel butterfly valves; and ultra, stainless steel butterfly valves for flow control of solid materials. The ultra-sanitary valves are available in sizes 3" to 18".