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Nu-Con is a supplier specializing in bulk solids material handling. Available products include rotary valves, divert valves, samplers, magnets, blowers, air handling equipment, flow assisting devices, butterfly valves and sifters as wella s specialty components.

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MN New Zealand


  • in Butterfly Valves

    Nu-Con manufactures butterfly valves in a series of flanged, wafer and demountable styles. These products are supplied with pneumatic actuators or manual handles. Flanged types are suited for general powder handling applications and feature locking pins, aluminum body and a size range for 8 to 16 inches. Wafer style butterfly valves are more suited for light duty operations and are available in sizes 3 to 12 inches.

  • in Flanged Butterfly Valves

    Nu Con engineers and manufactures a series of flanged butterfly valves available in 8" to 16" sizes. Pneumatic actuator or manually operated the valves are suitable for general powder handling applications including silo and hopper outlets. Other valve features including locking pins for fixed position, and aluminum or stainless steel 316 body construction.

  • in Plastic Butterfly Valves

    Nu-Con offers wafer style thin profile plastic butterfly valves featuring pneumatically actuated or manual operation in addition to locking pins in sizes from 3" to 12" diameters for use in powder handling applications and airflow control.

  • in Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

    Nu-con Ltd. manufactures three types of stainless steel butterfly valves: flanged, water style, and demountable. All valves can be supplied with pneumatic actuators or manual handles for operating. The company's sanitary, demountable butterfly valves are used in pharmaceutical applications where cleanliness is mandatory. The flanged and wafer style valves are suitable for powder handling and airflow control.