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Bray International

Bray International is a manufacturer of ball, check and butterfly valves, actuators and accessories as well as HVAC and temperature control components for industries including desalinization, beverage, brewing, wine making, chemical, food processing, HVAC, irrigation, marine, mining, nuclear and others.

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  • in Ball Valves

    Bray International is a manufacturer of ball valves including 2-way and 3-way models for building automation, temperature controls & HVAC, hot water, steam and chilled water systems.

  • in Butterfly Valves

    Bray International Inc. distributes 2-way and 3-way butterfly valves in wafer and lug style bodies. The Series 31, comprised of automated designs, is available in a lug or wafer style body with a thin profile disc and stem design. The Series 41 are comprised of high performance butterfly valves with bidirectional, zero leakage, shutoff, 150 psi saturated steam at 366°F for on and off applications, and 50 psi at 300°F for modulating services.

  • in Double Offset Butterfly Valves

    Bray Controls offers double offset HP butterfly valves in high performance, cryogenic, and low temperature configurations. These valves range in size from 2-1/2" to 60", they range in temperature from -320 to 250°F, and they have ASME class 150/300/600 ratings. Valves come in wafer, double flanged, and lug configurations.

  • in Flanged Butterfly Valves

    Bray Controls manufactures resilient-seated double flanged butterfly valves and double flanged, double offset HP butterfly valves. The resilient-seated valves are available in 1" to 120" sizes and feature up to 250 psi. The double offset flanged butterfly valves are available in 1-1/2" to 60" sizes and feature ratings of ASME Class 150/300/600.

  • in Offset Butterfly Valves

    Bray Controls manufactures high performance butterfly valves including double offset HP butterfly valves and triple offset metal seated butterfly valves. Both valve types are available with wafer, lug or double flanged body styles - with the double offset valves available in 1-1/2" to 60" sizes. The triple offset valves are available in 3" to 60" sizes and are rated to ASME Class 150/300/600/900.

  • in Stainless Steel Ball Valves

    Bray manufactures 2-way and 3-way stainless steel ball valves for building automation, temperature controls and HVAC, hot water, and steam and chilled water applications. Their VCB Series is designed specifically for the HVAC market and all automatic temperature control applications using hot water or chilled water. They come in flanged or threaded configurations, as well as spring return and non-spring return styles.

  • in Three Way Ball Valves

    Bray International makes 3-way characterized ball valves for HVAC, hot water, building automation, steam, and chilled water applications, in threaded and flanged models, and can be equipped with different electric actuators such as on/off, proportional control models, and 3-wire floating models.

  • in Wafer Valves

    Bray International manufactures wafer-style butterfly valves including resilient seated, double offset HP, and triple offset metal types. The valves are available in 1" -120", 1-1/2"-60", and 3"-60" sizes depending on model. The resilient seated butterfly valves feature maximum operating pressure of 250 psi. The company also produces Check Rite wafer check valves in 1"-60" sizes.