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Velan is a leading global manufacturer of industrial steel valves. Velan uses advanced engineering capabilities and innovation to meet the critical industrial needs of applications in the power generation, chemical, oil and gas, mining, paper and ship-building industries. Velan's product lines includes gate, globe, and check valves; quarter-turn valves; specialty valves; and steam traps.

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  • in Ball Check Valves

    Velan makes power ball valves, quarter turn valves with sizes from 1/2" to 4" and a pressure rating of ASME Class 900-4500 and socket weld or butt weld connections, for steam applications such as vent, blowoff, drain, and intermittent blowdown.

  • in Ball Valves

    Velan manufacturers gate, globe and ball check valves, as well as quarter turn and specialty valves and steam traps. Their line of quarter turn valves includes cap tight batch digester capping valves, Coker, high pressure, 3 and 4-way, Memoryseal, power, Securaseal metal-seated, Torqseal triple offset, Valvac general purpose, VTP-2000 high performance three-piece and HP series forged ball valves.

  • in Bellows Sealed Globe Valves

    Velean manufactures standard, bolted bonnet, RAMA, and cast steel bellows sealed globe valves. These valves are made for long cycle life, available with an ASME class 150 to 1500 pressure rating (model depending), and come in various standard sizes and configurations.

  • in Check Valves

    Velan  designs an extensive line of check valves in various styles and configurations. Swing types come in a size range from 2 to 26 inches and in stainless steel. Flanged swing designs feature corrosion resistance and are offered in a size range from 1/2 to 12 inches. Socket weld and threaded check valves are available in a size range from 1/2 to 2 inches.

  • in Cryogenic Valves

    Velan manufactures a line of cryogenic control and butterfly valves for extreme temperature applications. The company's line of cryogenic valves includes bellow seal control valves, cryogenic control valves, flanged and butt end weld butterfly valves, and quench relief control valves.

  • in Flanged Butterfly Valves

    Velan Inc. manufactures high performance, cryogenic flanged butterfly valves in 6" to 48" sizes. With the pressure ratings of ASME Class 150-300, valve features include no cavity, a fire safe design, double offset, an extended bonnet, and stainless steel shaft bearings.

  • in Forged Ball Valves

    Velan offers their HP Series forged quarter-turn ball valves, designed in full compliance to ASME B16.34. Each valve is tested in accordance to API 598. These forged ball valves come in full and regular port designs. Thrust washer material is PEEK to prevent premature deformation under high pressure conditions.

  • in Gate Valves

    Velan produces an extensive line of gate valves such as cast steel valves, corrosion resistant valves, knife gate valves, pressure seal and bolted bonnet valves, and small forged valves. Cast steel valves accommodates a bellows assembly. Corrosion resistant valves features a flanged and socket weld/threaded design. Knife gate valves includes a line of bolted bonnet metal seated gate valves, bolted bonnet resilient seated knife gate valves, standard metal seated knife gate valves, and standard resilient seated knife gate valves. Line of pressure seal and bolted bonnet valves accommodated designs with bolted bonnets, seals (bellows, pressure), flexible wedges, bolted covers, parallel slides, tilting disc, and piston. Small forged valves features designs with bellows seal, cryogenic, extended body bellows seal, and extended body.

  • in Globe Valves

    Velan Inc. is a manufactures a number of globe valves, including API 600 cast steel, API 603 corrosion resistant, knife gate, pressure seal and bolted bonnet, Proquip dual-plate, RAMA easy maintenance, Y-pattern, and API 602 small forged designs.

  • in Hand Operated Valves

    Velan are manufacturers of hand operated gate, globe and check valves in API 600 cast steel, API 603, knife gate, pressure seal and bolted bonnet, Y-pattern, API 602 small forged, and RAMA easy maintenance valves for nuclear service. Velan are also distributors of a full line of manually operated quarter-turn valves.

  • in High Pressure Ball Valves

    Velan manufactures a variety of high pressure ball valves. Products include the HP Series forged ball valves and the Type N severe service metal-seated ball valves. The HP Series comes in a size range of 1/2" - 4" (15 - 100 mm) with a pressure rating of ASME Class 900-4500 psi. Standard connections of butt weld and socket weld are available. The Type N high pressure valves come in a size range of 1/2" - 24" (15 - 600 mm) with a pressure rating of ASME Class 150-4500 psi.

  • in Knife Gate Valves

    Velan Inc. produces bolted bonnet metal seated knife gate valves, bolted bonnet resilient seated knife gate valves, standard metal seated knife gate valves and standard resilient seated knife gate valves. Bolted bonnet metal seated and bolted bonnet resilient seated configurations are offered in a size range from 4 to 24 inches with lug connections and pressure rating up to 150 psig.

  • in Low Pressure Check Valves

    Velan is a provider of industrial check valves. Their bolted cover piston check valves are a low pressure design that come in a size range of 2 1/2 - 14" (65 - 350 mm), are pressure rated at ASME Class 150 - 1500, and feature socket or butt weld standard connections. Low pressure seal piston check valves are also available.

  • in Metal Seated Ball Valves

    Velan engineers and produces the Securaseal brand of metal seated ball valves. Types include cast split body flanged, top entry inline repairable, Type L high temperature, Type N severe service, and Type P severe service metal seated. The Type R forged metal seated ball valves are for high pressure applications.

  • in Nuclear Valves

    Velan manufactures four types of maintenance valves for nuclear service. All four come in a size range of 1/4 - 2'' (8 - 50 mm) with a pressure rating of ASME Class 150 - 1500. The CLAMA and RAMA Light nuclear check valves have socket weld connections, the RAMA Bellows Seal globe valves offer butt weld connections, and RAMA nuclear globe valves have socket weld, butt weld connections.

  • in Offset Butterfly Valves

    Velan manufactures triple offset and cryogenic triple offset valves. The cryogenic triple offset valves are available in 3" to 80" sizes, with pressure ratings of ASME Class 150-900 and flanged connections. The triple offset valves are available in 3" to 48" sizes, with pressure ratings of ASME Class 150-600.

  • in Oxygen Valves

    Velan offers type N severe service metal seated ball valves for a variety of applications, including: Tokamak fusion reactor, aerospace, superconductivity, liquified oxygen, liquified hydrogen, liquified helium, etc. These valves come sizes ranging from 1/2" to 24" and ASME Class pressure ratings ranging from 150 to 4500. They feature a robust design, blowout-proof stems, bi-directional seals, and internal stem bushings.

  • in Petrochemical Valves

    Velan specializes in refining and petrochemical valves for coal liquefaction and gasification, catalyst slurry, hot gases and hydrogen, cat and fluidized cat crackers, UOP platforming service and catalyst regeneration, H-oil, olefin plants, HF-alkylation and delayed coker plants.

  • in Sliding Gate Valves

    Velan is a manufacturer of pressure seal parallel sliding gate valves. These valves are designed to ASME B16.34 with bodies made of superior strength forgings and optional cast steel. Other features include optional live-loading of packing and a non-rotating stem.

  • in Spring Check Valves

    Velan Inc. manufactures dual plate check valves that feature a high torsion spring, which is designed for potentially severe applications and ensures the valve closes quickly. These spring valves are available in sizes from 2" to 60", with pressure rating of ASME Class 150-2500. Standard connections include wafer, lug, flanged, butt weld, and hub.

  • in Three Piece Ball Valves

    Velan is an industrial components manufacturer that offers the CTP-2000 series 3-piece ball valves. These valves feature high performance design compliant to ASME B16.34 standards and are designed for simple, in-line maintenance and a reliable service life. Other features include PEEK thrust washer for increased cycle life, locking devices included for all sizes, in-line maintenance capability and MPTFE seat material.

  • in Tilting Disc Check Valves

    Velan manufactures pressure seal tilting disc check valves with a unique cage unite design eliminating pin seal leakage. Velan pressure seal tilting disc check valves are easily serviced in-line and offer efficient operation. These valves come in sizes ranging from 2" to 24".

  • in Trunnion Ball Valves

    Velan manufactures split-body ball valves with a Trunnion mounting option. The Trunnion mount allows the ball to float in case of fire and shutoff on the secondary metal seat. These are quarter-turn valves with Memoryseal seats that automatically compensate for wear and fluctuations of temperature and pressure.

  • in Wedge Gate Valves

    Velan is a manufacturer of pressure seal flexible wedge gate valves. These are designed for liquid (feedwater isolation), high pressure steam (main steam isolation), hydrocrackers, catalytic reformers and other rugged applications. Velan's flexible wedge offers superior tightness of seats and freedom from sticking.

  • in Y Pattern Globe Valves

    Velan offers piston check, bonnetless, and bellows seal Y pattern globe valves.  Valves range in size from 1/2 to 4", and they have pressure ratings ranging from ASME class 1500 to 4500. Standard connections options include butt weld, socket weld, and threaded. Other features options include a 6 disc solid satellite, non-rotating/fully enclosed stems, easy in-line servicing, secondary stem seals, low torques, etc.