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Metso is a global supplier of products, solutions and services that serve the mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and pulp paper industries. Metso offers a divers array of automation products that includes various valves, process automation systems, I/O and fieldbus products, controllers, user interface products and more while also offering optimization and monitoring services.

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  • in Ball Valves

    A division of Metso, Jamesbury offers a line of ball Valves in flanged, threaded end and special service options. Flanged ball valves are available as ANSI full-bore in 1/2" to 24", ANSI standard-bore in 1/2" to 20", ANSI three way in 2" to 12", DIN full bore in DN15 to 150 sizes and DIN standard bore in DN15 to 150 sizes. Threaded end ball valves are available in various series' with maximum pressure ratings from 800 to 4500 psi and configurations that include full bore, steel, high pressure, 3 piece and ANSI special services. Special service ball valves include digester blow and capping, double block and bleed, electric interlocking, FM and CSA, hydrogen peroxide and jacketed ball types.

  • in Stainless Steel Ball Valves

    Metso distributed Jamesbury ball valves in stainless steel construction including flanged, threaded end and special service ball valves. Series 6000 and 9000 of full-port flanged ball valves, Series 5000 and 7000 standard port flanged ball valves, and 3-way flanged ball valves are available with 316 stainless steel body and trim materials. Series 7000 and 9000 flanged, standard port, DIN ball valves are available with 1.4408/A351 Gr.CF8M Stainless steel. Line of threaded end ball valves with 316 stainless steel includes Clincher Series 2000, Series 6F ball valve's 2-piece, full port, threaded valves, Style A ball valves, Series 100 standard-bore ball valves, Series 3000 ball valves, Series 5H threaded-end ball valves, ELIMINATOR ball valves, Series 3A/3C ball valves with a 3-piece threaded or socket-weld body design, and Series 4000 full and standard bore ball valves.