Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Category

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  • ASCO

    ASCO manufactures a number of pneumatic, solenoid-operated control valves and an electro-pneumatic, press-regulating valve. The company's pneumatic, solenoid control valves are available with 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way configuration; and are used within medical, motion control, robotics and oil patch applications. The pneumatic press-regulating valve features a pressure range from vacuum of 725 psi.

    State: CA
  • SMC

    SMC manufactures a variety of 2-,3-,4-, and 5-port solenoid valves intended for pneumatic use. One of the company's 2-port pneumatic solenoid valves features a high speed coil capable of up to 20 million cycles at 100cps.

    State: IN
  • Spartan Scientific

    Spartan Scientific is a manufacturer of DIN-style pneumatic solenoid valves including a pneumatically-powered ball valve. Available in normally open, normally closed, and double acting versions; the pneumatically-powered valve can flow up to 85 gpm.

    State: OH
  • Georg Fischer

    Georg Fischer manufactures solenoid valve and pilot solenoid valve types used to control single-acting pneumatic actuators. Both valve types are available in the dimensions for DN 1.5 and DN2, and also in a number of voltages including: 230 V, 50-60 Hz; 14 V, 50-60 Hz; 24 V, 50-60 Hz, and 24 VDC.

    State: CA
  • Gems Sensors & Control

    Gems Sensors & Control manufactures three types of pneumatic solenoid valve types including: subminiature, high flow, and low power subminiature. Each pneumatic valve is available with a 2-port or 3-port configuration. The subminiature valves are designed for air and dry gas applications, with 0.65 watt or 2 watt units available. The high flow pneumatic valves are direct acting, while the low power subminiature valves feature operational capabilities of more than 200 million cycles.

    State: CT
  • G.W. Lisk Co.

    G.W. Lisk Co. manufactures pilot and motor-operated solenoid valves that feature pnematic media and an atmospheric pressure up to 40,000 psi. The pneumatic solenoid valves are used in transportation, energy, and diesel engine control applications; and are available in 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-way design.

    Clifton Springs
    State: NY
  • Pneu Magnetic

    Pneu Magnetic produces actuators designed to work with directing acting and pilot-operated, pneumatic solenoid valves. The actuators can currently be coupled with ASCO, SMC USA, and Parker Skinner-brand solenoid valves; and feature a maximum operating pressure of 150 psig.

    State: PA
  • M&M Controls

    M&M Controls manufactures several, 2-way pneumatic solenoid valves. These pneumatic, direct acting valves are available in 1/2"-3" pipe sizes. One of the valves features an AC coil voltage of 110v (50/60 Hz) or 230v (50/60 Hz), while the other pneumatic valve is operated by a 0.7 to 7 Bar air supply. Both valves are used for high flow, general purpose applications.

    State: CA