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Red-White Valve Corp.

Red White Valve Corp. is a supplier of valve products. Products available include balancing, radiator, ball, plumbing, butterfly, low-lead, check, globe and gate valves. PVC and polypropylene valves are also available as well as PEX fittings and valves.

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949-859-1010, 800-222-7982
20600 Regency Ln.
Lake Forest, CA 92630


  • in Ball Check Valves

    Red White Valve makes ball and check valves with threaded ends, solder joint ends, screwed ends, union ends, EzGrip ends, male/female ends, and more in brass or bronze, or other construction.

  • in Ball Valves

    Red-White Valve Corp. manufactures balancing, ball, butterfly, check, gate and globe valves. Their ball valves are produced in materials of bronze and brass, carbon steel and stainless steel, CSA gas, EZFit, mini, PEX, and Poly/PVC. Their bronze and brass ball valves come with either threaded, solder joint, screwed, compression, union, EzGrip, male/female, or threaded/hose ends. Their carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves come in 1/2"-2" or 1/4"-2" sizes.

  • in Brass Ball Valves

    Red-White Valve Corp. was founded and grew into a supplier of brass ball valves for the plumbing, commercial and industrial industries. Configurations include three way, forged, Union end, threaded end, screwed end, male x female ends, hose end, standard port and full port, two piece and three piece.

  • in Threaded Ball Valves

    Threaded ball valves from Red-White Valve Co. come in a variety of models, sizes and materials. Models include the 5044F with full port chrome plated ball and PTFE seat. All threaded ball valves feature blow-out proof stem, adjustable packing nut and are offered in a variety of sizes.

  • in Union End Brass Ball Valves

    Red White Valve Corp. offers 3400 Series tankless valves in Union X Threaded or Union by Solder Ends. These valves range in size from 3/4" to 1", they have a 600# rating, adjustable packing, and PTFE seats. Additional features include: an Integral 4/3" FNPT relief port, a blow-out proof stem, an integral hose end drain/purge port, and a forged brass construction. These valves have applications for the testing, draining, purging, and isolation of boilers, tankless water heaters, and other similar devices.