Pressure Regulator Valves Category

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  • Armstrong International, Inc.

    Armstrong International, Inc. offers internal pilot piston operated, external pilot diaphragm operated, and direct acting pressure-reducing valves. GP-100 internally piloted valves have an accuracy of ±5%, a 20:1 turn down ratio, and Teflon seating. GP-200 externally piloted valves are typically used on intermittent services, and they are available with both flanged and NPT connections in 2"-6" sizes. GD-30/30S direct-acting valves are used in low to moderate flow applications where an accuracy of ±10% is acceptable.

    Three Rivers
    State: MI
  • Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

    Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. offers pressure regulator valves. Valves come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3" and have maximum inlet pressures of 150 PSI. Other features include a one piece body construction, engineered thermoplastics, a wide range of pressure settings, maintenance-free designs, no wetted materials, pressure sensing done with rolling diaphragms, etc. Valves are made from the following materials: PTFE, Kynar PVDF, natural polypropylene, EPDM, FKM, CPVC, PVC, etc.

    State: NJ
  • Cash Valve (Tyco)

    Cash Valve (Tyco) offers a variety of pressure regulating valves. Valves have the following applications: ammonia service, heavy oil, mobile homes, non-corrosive fluids, light oil, air, water, carbon dioxide, plastic molding, sterilizers, degreasers, etc. Valves range in size from 1/4" to 6", they can handle temperatures up to 800°F, and pressures up to 720 PSI. Valves are constructed from brass, bronze, stainless steel, Monel, Buna-N, and Teflon materials.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell offers pressure regulating valves. Valves come in a variety of models, including: D05, D146, DS06, D05T, etc. D05T1029 compact pressure reducing valves have inlet pressures up to 400 PSI, a built-in strainer, an ASSE 1003/IAPMO listing, and a compact 3/4" design. Other features include a bronze body construction, stainless steel/thermoplastic internal parts, and a fully balanced regulator. Valves have applications for drip irrigation, light commercial construction, residential construction, and other accurate/sensitive regulation needs.

  • Automated Valve & Equipment

    Automated Valve & Equipment offers pressure regulating valves. Valves allow inlet pressures up to 450 PSIG, and they are available in flanged and threaded connections. Valves have applications for liquid service, air, gases, and steam. They are available in ductile-iron, cast-iron, and bronze materials. O Series pressure regulating valves range in size from 3/8" to 2", and they feature hardened stainless steel seating/discs for extended service life.

    State: OH
  • Generant

    Generant offers QA Series pressure regulating and control valves. Valves are constructed from Viton, brass, stainless steel, alloy, delrin, zinc plating, Buna-N, music wire, and fiber materials. Valves have a maximum inlet pressure of 400 PSI, an outlet pressure range from 0 to 200 PSI, and a maximum port size of 1/2" NPT.

    State: NJ
  • Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

    Watts Water Technologies, Inc. offers pressure reducing valves in the following configurations: small capacity, standard capacity, high capacity, and super capacity. Valve sizing ranges from 1/8" to 6", and they are constructed from bronze, stainless steel, iron, CPVC, and lead-free materials. 252A bronze process steam pressure regulators have a maximum supply pressure of 300 PSI, a laminated metal diaphragm, and NPT threaded femal inlet/outlet connections. Applications include oil lines, process lines, testing fixtures, and sterilizers.

    North Andover
    State: MA
  • M&M Control Service Inc

    M&M Control Service, Inc. offers pressure regulating valves for the following applications: mobile homes, air regulation, air tools, humidifiers, beverage dispensers, liquid ammonia service, water, steam, etc. Valves range in size from 1/8" to 6", they can handle temperatures up to 800°F, and inlet pressures up to 1,100 PSI.

    State: IL
  • ARI Valve Corp.

    Ari Valve Corp. offers pressure regulating valves. Valves are available with various pressure ranges, they can handle temperature ranges from -10 to 350°C, flanged connections, and a straight through form. Valves have applications for plant manufacturing, process technology, and industrial installations. Standard mediums include steam gas, thermal oil, warm water, cooling water, refrigerant, etc.

    State: GA
  • ircle Valve Technologies, Inc.

    Circle Valve Technologies, Inc. is a distributor for a variety of valve manuifacturers. Available products include pressure regulating valves such as the LG-1 series featuring gas or liquid service, stainless steel construction, 20 micron inlet filter, outlet pressure ranges of 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, 0 - 250 and 0 - 500 psig as well as cv flow coefficient 0.025 or 0.06.