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Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality engineered plastic valves and controls including air release and degassing valves, ball valves, check valves, cooling water sticks, custom valves, diaphragm valves, gauge guards, manifold valves, pinch valves, multiport valves and mobile operator alert systems for a wide array of industrial applications.

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1384 Pompton Ave.
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1095


  • in Acid Resistant Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc. engineers and manufactures a line of plastic valves that are resistant to nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and other chemical process liquids. The company's line of valves includes: air release and degassing valves, ball valves, check valves, diaphragm valves, diverter valves, drain valves, flow control valves, manifold valves, multiport valves, and pinch valves.

  • in Ball Valves

    Plast-O-Matic provides manual and actuated ball valves in various configurations. Their series includes true blue valves (a manual version of Plast-O-Matic's popular ball valve line), control, actuated, plastic, lateral reducing, electrically actuated and vented ball valves in 2-way and 3-way configurations.

  • in CPVC Ball Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. offers PVC, CPVC, PVDF and Polypro manual ball valves. These valves range in size from 1/2" to 4", they have pressures up to 232 PSI, molded mounting brackets, double shaft O-rings, and mirror-polished/concentric machined balls. They are available with BSP, metric, flanges, sockets, and NPT threaded connections.

  • in Check Valves

    Plastomatic supplies plastic check valves in three various series with automatic bubble-tight seal. Series CKM and CK are diaphragm operated, self sealing, and normally closed. Series CKS feature a PFA encapsulated spring design, normal closing, and zero reverse flow valve in pipe sizes of 1-1/2", 2", and 3". Series CKD are 1/4" and 1/2" valves with a flexible elastomer disk in Geon PVC, natural polypro, PTFE and Kynar PVDF.

  • in Control/Relief Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. offers flow control valves and relief valves. Flow control valves manage constant flow with inlet pressure changes from 15 to 120 psi and standard flow ranges from 1/4 GPM to 120 GPM for corrosive and ultra pure liquid applications. Flow control valves are available in sizes such as 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1¼", 1½", 2" and 3". True Blue relief valves provide by-pass flow relief in a wide range of pressure settings, fail-dry safety feature and no wetted materials. Series RVD features angle pattern relief valves with a single flat elastomer diaphragm in PVC, Kynar® PVDF, Natural Polypro, & PTFE and in sizes 1/4" & 1/2". Series RVDM features relief valves with a primary rolling diaphragms and a secondary flat diaphragm with a Fail-Dry design in sizes 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. Series RVT features an angle pattern design with a smooth PTFE shaft. Series RVDT features an in line design, primary PTFE diaphragm and a secondary support diaphragm. Series TRVDT features a 3 port design and PTFE diaphragm seal. Series RVTX features an angle pattern design, a solid Geon shaft and PTFE thrust washer.

  • in PVC Ball Valves

    Plast-O-Matic manufactures manual ball valves in PVC, CPVC, PVDF and polypro. These are available with molded mounting brackets, are pressure rated at 175 PSI (PVDF ball valves rated to 232 PSI), and come in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1¼", 1½" and 2" sizes.

  • in PVC Check Valves

    Plast-O-Matic manufactures a variety of PVC check valves. The patented diaphragm design of the CKM series provides normally-closed, zero reverse-flow operation, and is available in pipe sizes 1/2" 3/4" and 1". Other PVC check valves available include the CK series and CKS series with self-sealing design and leak-free sealing.

  • in PVC Globe Valves

    Plast-O-Matic is a manufacturer of air operated, normally open PVC globe valves. Their BST-NO Series comes in 1/2" to 2" pipe sizes. Features include PTFE shafts, clear acrylic cylinders, 1,000,000 cycle design, and low pressure drop with high flow rates. The standard globe valve body is Geon PVC.

  • in Pilot Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. is a supplier of plastic valves and controls for corrosive and ultra-pure liquid applications. Available products include pilot-operated PTFE bellows seal solenoid valves featuring thermoplastic construction, NPT pipe sizes from 1/2" to 3" and flow capacities from 5.2 Cv to 80 Cv as well as NEMA, 4X and CSA certifications.

  • in Plastic Ball Valves

    Plast-O-Matic manufactures manual ball valves in CPVC, PVC, Polypro and PVDF. Design advantages include large diameter shafts to eliminate stem breakage, double shaft O-rings, and PTFE shaft bearings to eliminate friction and wear. These plastic ball valves are now available in 3' and 4" sizes and are pressure rated at 175 PSI (11,91 BAR).

  • in Plastic Check Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. manufactures a variety of valve products including the True Blue series plastic check valves made from PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP and PTFE. These plastic check valves are engineered to help stop unwanted reverse flow with an automatic bubble-tight seal. These models are available in a variety of sizes.

  • in Plastic Solenoid Valves

    Plast-O-Matic develops and manufactures a line of solenoid valves including a series of compact plastic solenoid valves used for acids, chlorine solutions, solvents, caustics and ultra-pure liquids. The plastic valves are available with a 3/16" orifice for high pressures, or a 1/4" orifice for high Cv; and feature a back pressure rating of 70 psi.

  • in Pressure Regulator Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. offers pressure regulator valves. Valves come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3" and have maximum inlet pressures of 150 PSI. Other features include a one piece body construction, engineered thermoplastics, a wide range of pressure settings, maintenance-free designs, no wetted materials, pressure sensing done with rolling diaphragms, etc. Valves are made from the following materials: PTFE, Kynar PVDF, natural polypropylene, EPDM, FKM, CPVC, PVC, etc.

  • in Pressure Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves offers pressure regulator valves in the following configurations: Series PRHM, Series PRH, Series PRE, Series PRD differential, and Series PR. Series PRD differential pressure regulators come in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3", and they are constructed from Viton, EPDM, Grade 1, and Type 1 Geon PVC materials. These valves are easily installed, fluoropolymer coated, heavy-duty designed, and can handle pressures ranging from 5 to 150 PSI. Plast-O-Matic also supplies Series PRA air loaded pressure, Series PRH-U ultra-pure, and non-rising stem pressure valves.

  • in Solenoid Valves

    Plastomatic Valves, Inc. offers True Blue solenoid valves for flow control in various body designs and coil combinations. The True Blue series of valves are 1" NPT pilot-operated solenoid valves with PVC body designs and FKM seal designs. Series EAST valves are compact plastic solenoid valves with high pressure ratings, PTFE bellows barrier seals, and Fail Dry safety vents. Series EASMT are suited for high flows and high pressures and available in ½", ¾" and 1" sizes. The EASYMT series are suited for high flows and high flow rates and available in ¼" and ½" sizes. With bubble tight shutoff, Series PS features  PTFE bellows dynamic seal and upper diaphragm seal with Fail Dry safety vent, and is available in ½", ¾", 1", 1½", 2" and 3" sizes. Suited for pressure, drain or vacuum service, the Series EASY-NO (normally open) features a tight shutoff, PTFE shaft, a 4 u-cup seal, plus upper seal with Fail Dry safety vent and ¼" and ½" NPT sizes. The Series THP 3-way design features a non-sticking shaft with an upper and lower diaphragm, and secondary seals with Fail Dry safety vents in ¼" and ½" NPT sizes.

  • in Three Way Ball Valves

    Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc. manufactures several series of manual, three-way ball valves and actuated, three-way ball valves. The pressure rating for all the three-way ball valves is 175 psi, with each ball valve featuring a maximum temperature of 140 degrees to 180 degrees.

  • in Trunnion Ball Valves

    Plast-O-Matic is a manufacturer of True Blue brand Trunnion ball valves. "Trunnion" is a ball support system named after the system used to support a cannon. This feature is used mainly in metal ball valves but is found in plastic only at Plast-O-Matic.