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Armstrong International, Inc.

Armstrong is an industrial supplier of intelligent systems designed to improve utility, lower energy use and reduce environmental emissions. Products include steam traps/tracing, condensate recovery, pressure/temperature controls, humidification, water heating, refrigeration, air and gas venting. In addition, Armstrong offers energy auditing, system installation, engineering/custom fabrication and steam system training.

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816 Maple St.
Three Rivers, MI 49093


  • in Air Control/Relief Valves

    Armstrong International, Inc. offers GP-1000 internally piloted pressure-reducing valves. These valves have set point accuracies of ±5%, 20:1 turn-down ratios, stainless steel diaphragms, integral removable strainer teams, and hardened stainless steel working parts. Additional features include piston valve rings, an external adjusting screw, a caged main valve assembly, and in-line renewable working parts.

  • in Control/Relief Valves

    Armstrong makes the Python 1100 series control valves in sizes from 1/2" to 2" NPT and an ANSI flange design from 2.5" to 4", and rated for a class IV shut off. These control valves feature a stream line flow path, top bush trims with guided plugs, top entry trim body and bolted bonnet.

  • in Pressure Regulator Valves

    Armstrong International, Inc. offers internal pilot piston operated, external pilot diaphragm operated, and direct acting pressure-reducing valves. GP-100 internally piloted valves have an accuracy of ±5%, a 20:1 turn down ratio, and Teflon seating. GP-200 externally piloted valves are typically used on intermittent services, and they are available with both flanged and NPT connections in 2"-6" sizes. GD-30/30S direct-acting valves are used in low to moderate flow applications where an accuracy of ±10% is acceptable.

  • in Pressure Valves

    Armstrong develops pressure reducing valves in direct acting, internally piloted piston-operated, and externally piloted configurations. Direct acting pressure reducing valves implement flat diaphragms or convoluted bellows, and they are constructed from the following materials: cast bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, zinc, aluminum, and ductile iron. Internally piloted piston-operated pressure-reducing valves are ideal for steam, air, and non-corrosive gas applications. Externally piloted pressure-reducing valves come in spring operator, air operator, and back pressure regulator configurations.

  • in Thermostatic Valves

    Armstrong International Inc. manufactures thermostatic mixing valves for use in pumped recirculating hot water systems. The thermostatic valves feature maximum flows of 16, 26, 58, 98, 193 and 288 GPM; plus or minus 5F temperature stability to fixture, a maximum temperature locking feature, and a single replacement cartridge.