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Pneumadyne, Inc.

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  • in Hand Operated Valves

    Pneumadyne are manufacturers of hand operated control valves for pneumatic systems. Types of manually operated valves offered include 2-way and 3-way normally closed or normally open, 4-way, stainless steel, sub-micro, 2-position toggle, cartridge, and many others.

  • in Miniature Pneumatic Valves

    Pneumadyne manufactures and distributes sub-micro valves with a dented-toggle design for roller-like actuation, yielding 2.9 scfm at 125 psi, with a Cv of .047. The design also has metal actuators and an electroless nickel plating for corrosive/chemical wear protection, and are designed to work with 1/16 Id polyurethane tubing.

  • in Miniature Valves

    Pneumadyne, Inc. offers precision machined sub-micro valves. Valves have a flow rate of 2.9 scfm at 125 psi, producing a Cv of 0.04. Valves are provided with metal actuators which enhance their robust design. Valves are given an electroless nickel plating for corrosion and wear resistance. Valves can survive in temperatures ranging from -20° to 160°F.

  • in Pneumatic Needle Valves

    Pneumadyne, Inc. offers pneumatic needle valves in the following configurations: push-in port, male/female input port, NPT input port, tube ID barb input port, etc. Valves come in sizes ranging from 0.170 to 1/4", operating pressures ranging from 0 to 125 PSI, and flow rates from 9.4 to 27 scfm.

  • in Pneumatic Valves

    Pneumadyne specializes in miniature pneumatic products, including an array of control valves. They offer, for example, six different sets of 2- and 3-way valves that support flow rates from 2.1 to 33 scfm at 125 psi. They also manufacture sub-micro valves that support a 2.9 scfm flow rate and can accommodate vacuum applications, as well as standard and shut-off 6-position selector valves that allow the actuation of up to six individual circuits from a common input port. Other valves available from Pneumadyne include 4-way, cartridge, 3-position toggle, shuttle, check, flow control, needle, and bleed.

  • in Selector Valves

    Pneumadyne have six-position selector valves that allow actuation of six individual circuits from a common input. Pneumadyne selector valves include detented knobs, 10-32F ports, black anodized surface and a panel mount.

  • in Solenoid Valves

    Pneumadyne provides solenoid valves in 12V DC and 24V DC. Included is a series of 0-.99 SCFM, 1.0-1.99 SCFM, 2.0-2.99 SCFM, 5.0-7.50 SCFM, and latching valves, as well as manifolds and accessories. Product options include various sizes, 2 way, 3 way, normally closed, normally open and other specifications.

  • in Three Way Ball Valves

    Pneumadyne manufactures custom 3-way, 3-position; 3-way normally closed; and 3-way normally open ball valves. The company is also known for producing pneumatic control valves and solenoid valves.