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Thermoplastic Valves, Inc. (TVI)

Thermoplastic Valves, Inc. is a distributor of valves, valve accessories and pipe repair systems for industries such as irrigation, mining, water purification, aquariums, metal finishing, fertilization, food processing and others.

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  • in Flanged Ball Valves

    TVI is the sole distributor of Thermoplastic Valves, Inc. Their two piece, flange type, Strong Union Ball Valve features a 5 5/8" full port, TFE seats, inmeasurable pressure drop, blow-out proof valve stem, standard ANSI B16.5 class 150 flanged connections, and can be installed in either upstream or downstream directions. Body materials can be either PVC, PP or PVDF.

  • in Hand Operated Valves

    TVI are manufacturers and sole distributors of their plastic hand operated valves. Types include butterfly, safety block ball, strong union ball, diaphragm, compact ball, and other types of manually operated plastic valves.

  • in Low Pressure Check Valves

    TVI is the sole distributor of their own line of low pressure check valves. Their horizontal swing check valves employ a 3/4"-8" flanged design with a molded thermoplastic body, disc assembly, bonnet and shaft. These check valves are of low pressure drop design. There are nearly a dozen models to choose from.

  • in PVC Ball Valves

    TVI offers their strong union ball valve in a 6", three piece body design. These are flange type ball valves, with a choice of body, ball and shaft materials in PVC, PP and PVDF. Other specs include a full round ball with a 5 5/8" I.D. port and a blow-out proof valve stem.

  • in Plastic Ball Valves

    Thermoplastic Valves Inc. manufactures four plastic ball valve types: strong union, compact, ball check and safety block. The company's compact 1/2"-4" ball valves are available with socket, threaded end connections, while the safety block valves are available in true union or standard 4" design. The 1/2" - 4" ball check valves require less than 1 psi to open, and the 6" strong union valves are flanged type with a three-piece body design.


  • in Plastic Butterfly Valves

    Thermoplastic Valves, Inc. offers thermoplastic butterfly valves in 28" to 48" sizes. These valves feature one piece molded body design, stainless steel through shaft, fully body liner seat with integral flanges, epoxy coated self locking worm gear actuators, locking handles and electric or pneumatic operation as well as optional stem extensions, universal joints and flood stands.

  • in Pneumatic Ball Valves

    TVI is a distributor of EPA electric and pneumatic actuators that feature universal joint extensions, 2" square operating nuts, and ball valve stem extensions.