Globe Valves Category

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  • The Wm. Powell Company

    Wm. Powell manufactures bronze, iron, bolted bonnet cast steel, pressure seal cast steel, corrosion resistant and cryogenic globe valves. Depending on type, they are available with flanged, threaded, weld and silver brazed ends.

    State: OH
  • Pentair

    Pentair supplies carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloy globe valves manufactured by Fasani, Hancock, Intervalve, Raimondi, and Yarway. Various types are used for offshore, oil, gas, cryogenic, high pressure, and nuclear applications. Products supplied by Pentair include bolted bonnet, no-bonnet join, angle, T-pattern, Y-pattern and pressure sealed designs in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 24".

    State: TX
  • Watts Water Technologies

    Watts Water Technologies manufactures bronze globe valves in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2". Features include NPT female-threaded end connections, a non-rising stem, Teflon packing, threaded bonnet, and cast iron handwheel. These products have a maximum pressure of 200psi WOG and 125psi WSP.

    State: MA
  • Pathway Control Products, Inc.

    Pathway Control Products Inc. manufactures a number of globe valves, including two-way low pressure, two-way high pressure, three-way low pressure, three-way high pressure, two-way high pressure angle back pressure/low pressure, two-way overbalanced, two-way back pressure or pressure reducing, pressure control, and three-way two positing high pressure balanced configurations.

    State: TX
  • Superior Valve Co.

    Superior supplies globe valves manufactured by Powell, Crane, Edwards, Velan, and Newco. The company also stocks various products manufactured by Smith, Kitz, Jamesbury, WKM, Flowseal, Hancock, OMB, Resun, Bonney, Apollo, Ram, KF, and Vogt.

    State: TX
  • Alsco Industrial Products Inc

    Alsco Industrial Products Inc. distributes clear, PVC Y-globe valves available in sizes 1/2" through 3". End connections include IPS spigot with PE or PTFE seals. Seven sizes are available with 150 psi at 68 F.

    State: GA
  • Cunico Corp

    Cunico Corp. manufactures bellow seal globe valves for nuclear applications, including liquid metal, Series 34, Y-type, and LM 45-degree configurations. They can be supplied with manual operation or actuated (electric or pneumatic).

    State: CA
  • Forged Valve Company

    FVC manufactures forged steel and steel Y-pattern globe valves. Forged steel typess are available as Class 150, 300, 600, 800, 1500, and 2500 models. The 150, 300, and 600 models feature flanged ends. Y-pattern models are Class 800 and available in bolted or welded bonnet designs. The Y-pattern design eases changes in directional flow and reduces vibration by providing solid disc to seat alignment.

    State: OH
  • Matco-Norca

    Matco-Norca distributes cast iron and brass globe valves. Cast iron designs feature flanged ends, 200 WOG - 125 SWP, and are available in sizes ranging from 2" to 12". Standard brass models feature threaded ends, 200 WOG, and are available in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2". Matco-Norca also distributes other types, including brass angle, brass with long bonnet, and bronze needle designs.

    State: NY
  • Cameron

    NAVCO, by Cameron, manufactures forged steel globe valves with flanged, socket and butt weld connections. They are available in various ASME classes, including 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500.

    State: TX
  • Newmans Valve

    Newmans manufactures a number of globe valve types, including cast steel, forged steel, pressure seal, cast stainless, and exotic alloy designs. The company also produces pressure seal, Y-pattern models. Products are available in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 36", depending on model.

    State: TX
  • Schubert & Salzer Control Systems

    Schubert & Salzer Control Systems manufactures conventional and angular globe valves that feature integral top mount positioners (pneumatic, analogue and digital). Sizes available range from 1/4" to 2". Types include angle seat, low flow, right angle, motorized angle, three-way, motorized right angle, motorized three-way, and three-way stainless steel.

    State: NC
  • Shipham Valves

    Shipham manufactures six globe valve models. They are available in sizes from 0.5" to 30" and pressure classes of 150 or 300. These products feature flanged or screwed female end connections, and bolted bonnet or union bonnet designs.

  • The Weir Group

    The Weir Group supplies Atwood & Morrill wye and three-way designs, as well as Hopkinsons globe valves. Three-way configurations feature a three port design. Wye types provide efficient operation and two-way isolation. Sizes available range from 6" to 28" with ASME Class 600 to 2500 ratings. Hopkinsons products are general purpose isolation stop designs used in a range of process applications and can be supplied in straight or angle patterns.

    State: WI
  • Baelz North America

    Baelz North America distributes a number of two-way and three-way control valves, including globe valves for water, steam, and thermal oil applications, in DN 15 to DN 300.

    State: GA