Angle Seat Globe Valves Category

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  • Gemu Valves

    Gemu Valves offers Model 554, Model 550, Model 514, and Model 507 angle seat globe valves. Valves come in nominal sizes ranging from 10 to 80 mm, actuator sizes ranging from 50 to 100 mm, and a 80°C maximum ambient temperature. Other valve features include: PTFE seat seals, a 2/2-way body configuration, normally open/closed and double acting control functions, and stainless steel/cast bronze/ASTM body materials.

    State: GA
  • Schubert & Salzer

    Schubert & Salzer offers a variety of control valves, including: Model 7250 Motorized Right Angle, Model 7210 Motorized Angle, Model 7051 Right Angle, Model 7036 Flanged Angle, and Model 7020 Angle Seat. Valves come in nominal sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3", they have temperatures up to +392°F, working pressures up to 580 PSI, a maximum viscosity of 600 mm2/s, and a nominal voltage range from 24 to 230 V AC/DC. Valves have applications for liquids, gases, steam, control loops, on/off/modulating operation, etc.

    State: NC
  • The Wm Powell Company

    The Wm Powell Company offers Pressure Seal and Cryogenic angle globe valves. Valves come in the following configurations: non-return "Y", seal "Y", angle, non-return "upright", bronze, and stainless. Pressure Seal valves have pressure ratings in accordance with ASME/ANSI B16.34, and Class 60-2500 pressure seal bonnet/welding ends. Cryogenic valves have the following features: PTFE/TFE packing, a bronze trim, a self-centering disc, rust-proof handling, a stainless steel stem/extension tube, etc.

    State: OH
  • Nibco

    Nibco offers Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, and Bronze Angle valves. Valves come in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 8", a maximum PSI of 285, and a bar non-shock cold working pressure from -20 to 300°F. Valves are used in industrial and commercial applications involving: general utility, HVAC, steam, compressed air, cold water, petroleum refining, oil, gas, etc.

    State: IN
  • U.S. Plastic Corp.

    U.S. Plastic Corp. offers NIBCO Chemtrol PVC and Hayward Angle Seat globe valves. NIBCO Chemtrol PVC valves have the following features: glass reinforced PTFE seat disks, sub-acme threading on the stems, on/off throttling control of fluid flow, easy line-in maintenance, PVC construction, and 150 PSI @ 73°F. Hayward Angle Seat valves have the following features: fine-pinched/precision machined threads, 1/4" valves with integrally molded panel mounting lugs, PVC/FKM seals, and applications for throttling/sampling.

    State: OH
  • Eagle America

    Eagle America offers right angle forged steel globe valves. These valves are field repairable, they have three-stem seals for safety, they reduce monitoring costs, eliminate stem leakage, and they feature Hastelloy bellows for long life/good corrosion resistance. Valves are made from the following materials: aluminum, Monel, carbon steel, Viton, carbon steel, stainless steel, TFE, Hastelloy C, Garlock, etc.

    State: RI
  • Burkert Contromatic Corp

    Burkert Contromatic Corp. offers angle seat control valves. Valves have pressure ranges up to 362 PSI, sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2", media temperatures ranging from 14 to +356°F, a maximum ambient temperature of 194°F, an NPT port connection, and control medium rating of 80 PSI. Valves are constructed from stainless steel, PPS, and PTFE materials.

    State: CA
  • Jordan Valve

    Jordan Valve offers MK2000 Series angle seat valves for OEM machinery and other applications. Valves come with a standard open/closed position indicator, a maintenance-free actuator, self-adjusting packing glands, a compact design, and a small actuator volume. The angle-seat construction of the body makes extremely high flow rates possible, especially in comparison with conventional valves.

    State: OH
  • FBIC Inc.

    FBIC, Inc. offers angle seat globe valves. Valves come in sizes ranging from 15 to 400 mm, they have pressures ranging from 16 to 100 Mpa, GB/ANSI standard designs, and WCB/A105 product materials.

    State: NY
  • Superior Valve Co.

    Superior Valve Co. offers Powell angles seat globe valves. Valves come in sizes ranging from 2 1/2" to 6", they have ASME/ANSI B16.34 pressure/temperature ratings, pressure seal bonnets, and welding ends. 600 class valves have a diameter of bore equal to a Schedule 80 pipe.

    State: TX
  • Don Johns

    Don Johns offers Burkert Angle seat globe valves. Valves have Tri-Clamp or weld ends ranging from 1/2" to 2 1/2", they have an 80 PSI plant air operation, a 150 PSI stream, and they can handle temperatures up to 365°F. Valves feature a simple, automatic, one-button calibration, and they have shaft seals installed from below (leaving the actuator intact).

    State: IL