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  • Velan

    Velean manufactures standard, bolted bonnet, RAMA, and cast steel bellows sealed globe valves. These valves are made for long cycle life, available with an ASME class 150 to 1500 pressure rating (model depending), and come in various standard sizes and configurations.

    State: QC
  • Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions

    Crane ChemPharma sells their Crane manufactured bellows sealed globe valves in three valve types, which are also available in different configurations. Their WTA flushed bellows type 11.3 comes in both hand and automated operation, WTA Chlorine valves type EC11.35 are available in hand or pneumatic & protected bellows type 11.35, and type 11.9 WTA compact with bellows. These valves are used in applications to include chemical processing, fertilizer, Chlor-Alkali, and Phosgene transport.

    State: OH

    NACB distributes Bonetti bellows seal valves for applications where environmental concerns promote the use of zero emission systems. Their valves are available in forged steel with ASME B16.34 ratings, and DIN 2401, DIN 2545, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40, ASME B16.34, & flanged end ASME B16.5 rated bellows sealed valves.

    State: NC
  • KSB USA Inc

    KSB supplies bellows sealed globe valves. Their NORI 40 ZXLBV (ZX SB, ZX SBV, & ZY SB) is available in flanged or weld-type globe valves with shut-off or throttling valve plugs for use with non-aggressive fluids in high or low temperature ranges. For aggressive fluids, they offer the BOACHEM (ZXAB & ZYAB) valves in stainless steel. Lastly, their BOA-H (HE, HV, & HEV) models are used mainly for non-agressive high temperature or steam transfer fluid systems such as heating, and many other industrial applications.

    State: VA
  • FBIC Inc.

    FBIC deals with the wholesale and supply of bellow seal globe valves that follow ANSI B16, DIN API, EN, BS, and ISO standards. Coming in threaded or welded seat ring, other design features include a bolted bonnet valve for high pressure applications, plug disk, rising stem, and an outside screw & yoke.

    State: NY
  • ARI Valve Corp.

    ARI manufactures bellows sealed globe valves as well as components and replacement parts. The ARI-FABA ANSI plus stop valves come in 150 & 300 class with flanges, a 300 class with socket ends, and Y-pattern PN 40 or PN 25 bar with butt weld ends. They also offer their LA plus stop valves with a PN40 bar long bellow butt welded end. Accessories available include locking devices (stroke limiters) and plugs.

    State: GA
  • Flowserve

    Flowserve supplies bellow sealed globe valves manufactured by Kammer, Valtek, Edward, Anchor Darling, and Vogt. These valves come in a variety of styles & specifications that cover a variety of applications including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, biochemistry, cryogenics, high temperature, and steam systems.

    State: TX
  • Klaus Union, Inc.

    Klaus Union manufactures bellow sealed globe valves available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or hastelloy. Their 150 class is available in both T & Y patterns, and the 300 in T only, though pattern is available in size ranges from 1/2" to 10".

    State: TX
  • Flow and Control Engineering

    Flow and Control Engineering provides Phönix bellows seal globe valves for use with chemically toxic, corrosive, aggressive agents, and extreme temperature conditions. Types offered include: 350 with flow protected bellows, 350EC for use in chemical applications, 390 with flow exposed bellows, 370 which allows 3-way changeover, and 359 with automated control.

    Fernandina Beach
    State: FL
  • Cunico Corp.

    Cunico manufactures bellows sealed globe valves for use in nuclear plants, rocket engine test facilities, gas and oil refineries, cryogenic, and metal handling plants. For handling liquid metals Cunico offers their Y style, 800 Class valves with features to include a non-obstructive gland for better shielding and insulation, a higher erosion resistant hard faced seat, and available in manual or automatic (electric/pneumatic) operation. The 800 class is also available with a screwed in stainless steel seat, coming in T style as well, and can be customized to customer specification & material requirements.

    Long Beach
    State: CA
  • FC Tech LLC

    FC Tech is a distributor and re-manufacturer of bellows sealed globe valves and accessories. Valve include descote models 2500 (open bonnet), 2100BAT (actuated on/off), 2100BAC (actuated), 2100B (standard), and 2100HF (for HF alkylation service). They have also developed a complete line of actuators to compliment their various valve types and applications.

    State: LA
  • Eagle America

    Eagle America produces bellows seal globe valves available in various steel and stainless steel compounds. Their standard valves come in G8, F8, J, and GA series. Special variations include their C series globe valves for use in cryogenics, a critical service series, and right angle chlorine valves made especially for railroad tank cars.

    State: RI
  • Bonney Forge

    Bonny Forge supplies and manufactures bellows sealed globe valves, parts, and accessories. Valves are available in multiple configurations, forged or cast steel, bolted or welded seals, and customized to meet any specific use requirements.

    Mount Union
    State: PA
  • Eriks UK

    Eriks supplies various RX brand bellows sealed globe valves available in either regular or nodular cast iron, with the option of an inside or outside screw and spindle system.

  • Thompson Valves Ltd.

    Thompson manufactures their NH brand bellow sealed globe valve for use in the nuclear industry. Their valves are made using various types of steel & alloys, come in 1/4" to 4" nominal bore, and meet ASME III Class 1, 2, & 3 requirements. Special design requirements, including pressure and temperature capabilities, can be custom tailored to fit specific application requirements.