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Globe Valves in Rhode Island

  • Eagle America

    Eagle America Inc.manufactures a number of globe valves, including critical service, right angle chlorine, 150lb and 300lb class, and 1500lb class Y-pattern configurations. The company's line also includes two series of compact, forged, bolted or welded globe valves in the 800 lb. class.

    State: RI
  • FBV Inc

    FBV Inc. manufactures cast and forged steel globe valves. Cast steel types are used for the petroleum, petrochemical, and allied industries. They are available in sizes from NPS 2 to NPS 36, and feature pressures rating up to class 2500. Forged steel designs are available in sizes ranging from NPS 1/2 to NPS 4, with pressure ratings from class 150 to class 2500. These products can be used in the petroleum and natural gas industries.


    State: NY