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Globe Valves in Georgia

  • ARI Valve

    ARI Valve Corp. manufactures globe valves with butt-weld ends, flanges, socket ends, and long bellow and butt-weld ends. Butt-weld end types feature nominal pressures of PN 25 or PN 40 bar, and nominal diameters from 1/2 inch to 20 inches. Flange designs have nominal pressures of ANSI 150 or ANSI 300, nominal diameter from 1/2 inch to 10 inches, and Cv values from 3.4 to 924.

    State: GA
  • GEMU Valves

    Gemu manufactures nine globe valve models including angle seat and 3-port types. The company's 312 and 314 3-port designs are suitable for inert liquid and gaseous media. Pneumatically operated, the 3/2-way types feature rugged, low-maintenance aluminum piston actuators. The 312 model is flanged, while the 314 has threaded sockets.

    State: GA
  • Valve Solutions

    VSI is a manufacturer of 2-way and 3-way globe valves that are designed to work with either a pneumatic or electronic actuator with a 3/4-inch (20mm) stroke. The 599 series feature a direct-coupled universal bonnet, and are used for water, steam, and glycol solutions to 50 percent. The VF 559 two-way globe valves feature flange face-to-face dimensions, bronze or stainless steel trim, and equal percentage or linear flow characteristics.

    State: GA
  • Alsco Industrial Products Inc

    Alsco Industrial Products Inc. distributes clear, PVC Y-globe valves available in sizes 1/2" through 3". End connections include IPS spigot with PE or PTFE seals. Seven sizes are available with 150 psi at 68 F.

    State: GA
  • Baelz North America

    Baelz North America distributes a number of two-way and three-way control valves, including globe valves for water, steam, and thermal oil applications, in DN 15 to DN 300.

    State: GA