Teflon Check Valves Category

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  • William E. Williams

    Willam E Williams Valve Corp manufactures swing check valves including flanged and butt weld models featuring Teflon or graphite packing and gaskets, fugitive emissions tested, round bonnet gaskets totally contained and ANSI standard ratings.

    Long Island City
    State: NY
  • IPT (Innovative Pressure Technologies)

    Innovative Pressure Technologies manufactures a variety of pipe check valves including Teflon seated models that prevent reverse flow where leak-tight shutoff is required. Dual seal ball style check valves from IPT feature rapid sealing on the glass filled Teflon seat, and are backed by metal-to-metal sealing. These valves have a maximum working range of up to 15,000 psi.

    State: PA
  • Matco-Norca

    Matco-Norca is a manufacturer of a variety of check valve products including PVC plastic check valves with threaded or socketed ends, stainless steel spring, OPDM seal and available in sizes from 1/2" to 2".

    State: NY
  • Ryan Herco

    Ryan Herco Flow Solutions distributes a wide array of Teflon check valves from manufacturers including Spears, Plastomatic, Hayward,GeorgFischer, Chemtrol, Ashai and others.

    State: AZ
  • Cyclonic Valve

    The Cycloic 2 Brand combination ball and check valves from Cyclonic Valve Co feature Teflon seats as well as 316 stainless steel trim, in-line access for quick and complete overhauls, solid Teflon adjustable stem packing, and a blowout-proof stem. They are designed to exceed ANSI B16.34 requirements for wall thickness and bonnet bolt loading.

    Broken Arrow
    State: OK
  • Kepner Products

    Kepner Products Company manufactures a wide range of check valves including check valves with Teflon seats as well as inline single lock/pilot valves, shuttle valves, line, cartridge, ball check and split flange ball check valves for a wide array of applications.

    State: IL
  • Check-All Valve

    Check-All Valve carries a variety of check valve products in all sizes and shapes for a wide range of applications. Check All Valve also offers Teflon seated ball check valves.

    West Des Moines
    State: IA
  • Generant

    Generant is a manufacturer of a variety of check ball valves including high flow poppet type models, compact poppet type models, compact economical models and adjustable crack pressure models with one piece bodies as well as inline check valves Teflon ball check valves and high pressure check valves.

    State: NJ
  • Swagelok

    Swagelok manufactures a variety of Teflon check ball valves including spring and poppet check valves, lift check valves, all-welded check valves and air vlow valves for general purpose, high-purity and sanitary applications. Swagelock's spring-and-poppet check valves offer nominal cracking pressures from 1/3 psi to 600 psi. They are made of 316SS and brass. End connections of 1/8" to 1" and 6 mm to 25 mm are available.

    State: CA
  • Valve Check

    Valve Check manufactures a variety of Buna, neoprene, silicone, Teflon, fluro-silicone and propylene sealed check valves. Materials include steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. Cracking pressures of 0 - 250 PSI are available. Metric, male and female NPT (1/8" - 2"), and other threads are offered.

    State: MN
  • American Valve

    American Valve manufactures bronze and brass valves including Teflon check valves. The bronze globe valves feature threaded ends, bronze disk and Telfon packing. These valves are available in a variety of sizes with psi ratings of up to 200 psi.

    State: NC
  • Jaeco

    Jaeco is a manufacturer of a variety of check valves including ball and poppet check valves with Teflon O rings. These valves feature compact length, spring loaded 2 or 10 psi, sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1", 316 stainless steel construction and pressures up to 2500 psi with a temperature operating range of -15° to 400°F.

    State: PA
  • Marcuse & Son

    Marcuse & Son air compressor parts manufactures heavy duty brass in tank check valves with brass bodies, jam resistant Teflon pistons, triple balance flow design and 1/8 - 27 NPT unloader port.

    Fort Worth
    State: TX
  • Circle Valve Technologies, Inc.

    Circle Valve Technologies, Inc. is a distributor of valve products from a variety of manufacturers. Available products include teflon check valves such as the 2200 series featuring medium flow, single piece design and resilient o-ring.