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Erdmann Corp.

Erdmann Corp. is a distributor of industrial valves, fittings and valve automation equipment as well as related piping and steam specialty products. Services are also available such as custom mounting and retro fitting.

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  • in Double Offset Butterfly Valves

    Erdmann Corp. offers high performance butterfly valves in double-offset, and eccentrically mounted disc configurations. These valves have positive/bi-directional flows, they are double-offset/eccentrically mounted, and they come in pressure-assisted/low-torque seating designs. Valves have no O-rings to swell, no springs to break, and no hoops to erode. Additional configurations include: wafer/lug style, steam traced, rail tank car, jacketed, high temperature, fire-tested, etc.

  • in Metal Seated Ball Valves

    Erdmann Corp. is a distributor of Type T inline repairable and cast split body flanged metal seated ball valves. Type T features include inline access for seat replacement, can be welded into line without disassembly. The cast split body flanged metal seated ball valves feature off center split body design, and maximum temperature for CF8M 1,000°F (538°C), for WCB800°F(426°C).

  • in Offset Butterfly Valves

    Erdmann Corporation distributes high performance butterfly valves manufactured by Xomox.The valves feature positive bi-directional flow, along with a double offset and eccentrically-mounted disc. Available valve configurations include: cyrogenic, enhanced fugitive emissions control, extended packing, fire-tested, high temperature, jacketed, rail tank car valve, steam trace, and wafer and lug styles.

  • in Pneumatic Ball Valves

    Erdmann is a distributor of industrial valves, offering cast split-body flanged metal seated ball valves with gear or pneumatic actuators. The off-center split-body design allows the use of advanced spiral-wound gaskets. Maximum temperature for CF8M steel is 1,000°F (538°C), and for WCB steel is 800°F(426°C).