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Solenoid Valves in Indiana

  • SMC

    SMC supplies solenoid valves and manifolds with 4 and 5 ports, 3 ports, 2 ports and proportional designs. Their numerous series' includes various mounting styles (body ported, base, manifold), sizes, actuator applications and power usage.

  • Gould

    Gould manufactures types A, B, D, K, M & Q (packless), internal piston, pilot operated solenoid valves that require a 5 PSI minimum operatin pressure differential. Types F, G, GX, B3, AD, QD, & KD are direct acting solenoid valves that do not require a minimum operating differential pressure. ALL standard valves are supplied with continuous duty coils of the proper class of insulation for the service indicated on the nameplate.

    State: IN