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Plug Valves in ON

  • DeZURIK, Inc

    DeZURIK Inc. designs 3-way and 4-way tapered plug valves for throttling and diverting applications. The valves are available in 3"-16" sizes and feature a temperature range up to 400F and pressure rating of 125 psi. The company's balancing plug valves are used for adjusting and reading flow in condensers, and hot/chilled water systems; while the eccentric plug valves handle clean and dirty liquids and gases, sludges, and slurries. 100 percent port eccentric plug valves produced by the company feature a temperature range up to 250F, and pressure ratings of 175 psi or 150 psi.

  • ACS Valves

    ACS offers their CI series rotary plug valve for use in feeding and metering. This valve is air actuated, available in heights ranging from 10" to 19", and flange sizes from 6" to 14". Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel valve housing, the interior is hard chrome coated, and comes with a manual or electrical actuator.

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