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DeZURIK is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment valves as well as pulp and paper valves, chemical and petrochemical valves, mining valves and other process industries valves. Product offerings include plug, butterfly, rotary control, ported gate, knife gate and APCO valves as well as consistency transmitters, actuators and related accessories.

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385 Franklin Blvd.
Cambridge, ON N1R5V5


  • in AWWA Butterfly Valves

    DeZurik manufactures AWWA buterfly valves that meet AWWA C504 standards. These valves are used for shutting off dirty and clean gases and water. Features include offset disc design, corrosion-resistant shaft, stainless steel disc edge, and self-compensating shaft seals.  They have an operating temperature range of up to 290° F and come in sizes from 3" to 144".

  • in Knife Gate Valves

    DeZURIK, Inc produces a wide selection of knife gate valves. KGC cast stainless steel knife gate valves include sizes 2 to 36 inches. GKU knife gate valves are uni-directional with a full lug cast stainless steel body, stainless steel gate and stem in sizes 2 to 54 inches. For on-off applications, the KGN cast stainless steel knife gate valves with stainless steel body, gate, packing gland and stem in sizes 2 to 24 inches with 150 psi CWP.

  • in Plug Valves

    DeZURIK Inc. designs 3-way and 4-way tapered plug valves for throttling and diverting applications. The valves are available in 3"-16" sizes and feature a temperature range up to 400F and pressure rating of 125 psi. The company's balancing plug valves are used for adjusting and reading flow in condensers, and hot/chilled water systems; while the eccentric plug valves handle clean and dirty liquids and gases, sludges, and slurries. 100 percent port eccentric plug valves produced by the company feature a temperature range up to 250F, and pressure ratings of 175 psi or 150 psi.

  • in V Port Ball Valves

    DeZURIK designs and manufactures V-port ball valves in sizes ranging from 1" to 20". Featuring flanged or flangeless designs, the ball valves have a temperature range up to 575F; pressure ratings of 285 to 740 psi; blow-out proof shaft protection; high flow capacity; splined ball-to-shaft connection; and zero backlash. V-port ball valves can be used for throttling control of fibrous suspension applications, and also for corrosive, dirty viscous, and clean liquids and gases.