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Sure Flow Equipment

Sure Flow Equipment, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of valves and strainers. Product offerings include check, butterfly, knife gate and ball valves as well as standard, fabricated and dual basket strainers.

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  • in Ball Check Valves

    Sure Flow Equipment designs and manufactures double door check ball valves, swing check ball valves, and silent check ball valves. The company's industrial check valves are available in wafer duo disc, silent, wafer, flanged and swing designs.

  • in Check Valves

    Sure Flow Equipment offers check valves, including double door, swing, silent and foot styles. The double door or dual disc check valves are offered in flanged, wafer, lug (drilled or threaded), butt weld and hub end styles in a size range from 2 to 72 inches. Silent designs offered include cast iron, cast stainless steel wafer, and cast iron globe.

  • in Double Check Valves

    Sure Flow Equipment designs and engineers double door check valves in sizes ranging from 2" to 72". Valve types include flanged, flangeless, lug, butt weld, and hub end; with temperatures from -400F to 1200F. Featuring cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, and bronze bodies, the valves have pressures of ANSI Class 125, 250, and 150 to 2,500.

  • in Flanged Ball Valves

    Sure Flow is a supplier of fire safe flanged ball valves that come in many configurations, including reduce bore one piece and two piece, full bore, full bore two piece seated, multi-seal stem/ISO pad, double body sealing, and more.

  • in Knife Gate Valves

    Sure Flow Equipment Inc. designs knife gate valves in a cast stainless steel full lug body and full port design in sizes 2 to 24 inches. Features also include bi-directional shut off, resilient seat design, Viton and EPDM seats, cast iron handwheel, live loaded packing lgand, reduced body cavity, beveled gate edge and machined gate lugs. Scavenger knife gate valves feature full port, bi-directional shut off, hardened beveled gate, hardened seat, precision ground fate chrome plate, removable insert ring, two piece cavity free body, live loaded Teflon packing, adjustable stainless steel packing gland, and sizes 3 to 24 inches.

  • in Pump Check Valves

    Sure Flow Equipment Inc is a manufacturer of a variety of pump check valves and silent check valves. Models include the type CQ125ISC cast iron silent check valve as well as stainless steel models and cast iron globe type models for a variety of applications.

  • in Silent Check Valves

    Sureflow Eqiupment Inc. designs and manufactures cast iron, silent check valves; stainless steel, wafer silent check valves; and cast iron, globe silent check valves. The three check valve types are available in 2" through 12" sizes, and 2" through 24" sizes. Used for municipal water systems, industrial class HVAC, industrial piping systems, and irrigation systems, the check valves feature vertical or horizontal installation and pressures of 150 psi, 200 psi, 275 psi, or 285 psi.

  • in Stainless Steel Gate Valves

    Sure Flow offers the Scavenger knife gate valve with four post stainless steel stanchions and a stainless steel packing gland that is adjustable. Other features include full port bi-directional shutoff, hardened beveled gate and seat for shearing and sealing, and a removable insert ring for easy repair.

  • in Wedge Gate Valves

    Sure Flow is a manufacturer of cast iron wedge gate valves. These are a bolted flanged bonnet with flanged ends, Class 125 type and are designed for fully open or fully closed positions. The rising stem wedge gate meets MSS-SP70 specs.