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  • in Pneumatic Valves

    Norgren manufactures an assortment of valves for use in any application, from poppet valves to inline valves. The Prospector Series poppet valves are available in four sizes and provide Cv from 1.2 to 49.5 and support operating pressures up to 150 psig, while the Super X spool valves offer Cv from 0.34 to 9.8 and operating pressures up to 145 psig. Other selections include the Nugget 200 spool valves, V50 Series inline valves, and V60-V62 Series directional control valves.

  • in Poppet Valves

    Norgren Inc. manufactures prospector poppet valves available with 3/2 or 2/2 operation, and air/spring or sol/spring actuation. The valves are also available with 1/2" NPTF or 3/4" NPTF port sizes.