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Henry Pratt Co.

Henry Pratt Co. is a designer and manufacturer of butterfly, rectangular, ball, nuclear, industrial, cone, sleeve, and energy dissipating valves as well as valve actuators and control systems for use in potable water, wastewater, power, industrial, and nuclear applications.

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630-844-4000, 877-436-7977
401 S. Highland Ave.
Aurora, IL 60506-5563


  • in Nuclear Valves

    The Henry Pratt Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets nuclear valves. The Series 1100 is available in 6" to 36" and are specific for water. Series 1200 nuclear valves are available in 6" through 48" and are specific for air. Series 1400 are also available in 6" through 48" but are specific for water. All three nuclear valve types are ASME Class 2 & 3 and ANSI 150# rated. The Pk Posi-Loc features a positive lock, stainless steel wetted parts, and is externally engaged.

  • in Plug Valves

    Plug valves offered by Henry Pratt Company include ballcentric plug valves, multiport plug valves, and PN10/16 and PN25 ballcentric plug valves. The ballcentric plug valves are available in 1/2" through 72" sizes, while the multiport valves are available in sizes 3" through 16". All the valves feature a cast iron valve body.

  • in Tilting Disc Check Valves

    Henry Pratt designs and manufactures tilting disc check valves from ductile iron ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12. The disc and body seat ring shall be Bronze B62. The hinge-pin shall be stainless steel ASTM A276 Type 304. The bearing sleeve shall be Bronze B62.