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FCX Performance

FCX Preformance is a provider of process flow control products and solutions for the sugar, steel, power, phosphorus, chemical, petrochemical, alternative energy and pulp and paper industries as well as the food and beverage industries. Products include valves, actuators and accessories as well as instrument measurement and control, safety relief, steam and process heating,  and pumps. Products for high purity applications are also available.

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  • in Automatic & Automated Valves

    FCX Performance distributes automated solenoid valves produced by Unitorq, automated ball valves (control and direct mount) manufactured by AT Controls, and automated seat valves producted by Alfa Laval. The company also supplies ITT Industries (Pure-Flo)-brand automated sanitary valves, and automated ball valves and butterfly valves by Metso Automation.

  • in Metal Seated Ball Valves

    FCX Performance is a provider of Severe Service Technologies metal and ceramic seated ball valves. These are high pressure and temperature rated up to ANSI 4, 500#.

  • in Motorized Ball Valves

    FCX Performance offers valves, actuation, and accessories products. FCX's control, quarter turn, and multi-turn valves come in the following types: globe, gate, plug, V-ball, rotary globe, plug-lined, wedge-gate, knife gate, ball, check, butterfly, diaphragm, etc.

  • in Petrochemical Valves

    FCx provides Circle Seal Controls valves for petrochemical, OEM, medical, chemical, energy, and food and beverage applications. Products offered range from discrete components to integrated assemblies to complete fluid control systems.

  • in Wedge Gate Valves

    FCX Performance is a distributor of Hilton wedge gate, knife gate, check and air cylinder valves. Knife gate valves are also available from FNW.