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Copeland Industries

Copeland Valves is a manufacturer of valves designed and tested to ASME Code Sections I, II, III and IX. Copeland is the only domestic manufacturer of severe service ball valves that manufactures and applies its own coatings in-house to insure that the Copeland tradition of excellence is provided for each product.

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  • in Ball Valves

    Copeland Industries supplies ball valves and small bore ball valves for high pressure applications in a wide range of options. The company's ball valve line includes 3-way ball valves, high pressure ball valves, actuated ball valves and electric ball valves. Mining valves offered by the company feature 4 bolt packing assembly, wear resistant overlay and a removable top plate. Power valves feature carbide sealing areas, live-loaded graphite packing and a forged body in a size range from 1/2" to 4". Metal seated ball valves feature a one-piece stem, close tolerances, corrosion resistance and in-house automation.

  • in High Pressure Ball Valves

    Copeland is a supplier of specialty valves for the mining and refinery industries. They offer ball valves with a reduced bore for high pressure steam applications. Features include live-loaded graphite packing, carbide sealing areas and a forged body. They come with ANSI Class 900, 1500, 3000, 3200 and 4500 ratings, with sizes ranging from 1/2" to 4". The forged WC9 chrome moly (F22) or carbon steel (A105) body insures pressure-retaining integrity in high-pressure power plant applications.

  • in Petrochemical Valves

    Copeland manufactures a variety of petrochemical valves. While some are a plug valve design, most use the variety ofdesign features offered by their BV Series valves. Options for petrochemical valves include special linings or coatings for dray abrasive conditions, high temperature alloys, metal coatings that approach the hardness of diamonds, and many others.