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Nuclear Valves in California

  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Process Management is a distributor of Vee-Ball SS-84PSV4 NPS 4 x 3 rotary control valves for use in  PWR nuclear generating stations (3rd generation). The NPS 4x3 is a pressurizer spray valve with a valve body that has 3 inch Fisher Vee-Ball internal trim on its NPS 4 buttweld ends. This nuclear valve features a side body flange that allows trim removal without actuator removal.

    State: TX
  • Metrex Valve

    Metrex designs and manufactures nuclear power valves. These pressure actuator valves are ideal for both raw water and closed loop treated water. Metrex provides Nuclear ASME Sec lll and safety related products made in a wide variety of materials.

    State: CA