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Needle Valves in Ohio

  • Swagelok

    Swagelok designs and manufactures a wide array of needle valves for general utility service applications. Other models include integral bonnet, PFA, non-rotating stem and high pressure designs.

    State: OH
  • NOSHOK Inc

    NoShok manufactures a variety of needle valves, including mini, multiport, hard seat, soft seat, block and bleed, bleed, and 2-valve block and bleed configurations.

    State: OH
  • Hex Valve div. of Richards Industries

    Hex Valve supplies heavy-duty needle valves for the gas sampling, OEM, and reseller markets. The heavy-duty needle types feature an industrial strength stem and bonnet, and are designed for high pressure and high temperature services. These products are produced in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" 3/4", and 1" sizes. OEM products are constructed of stainless steel or carbon steel and are rated to 3000 psig at 100 F or 6000 psig at 100 F.

    State: OH
  • SSP Fittings Corp.

    SSP Fittings Corp. manufactures a line of needle valves including 1/8M x 1/8M .63, 1/4M x 1/4M .62, 1/8T x 1/8T .63, 1/4T x 1/4T .63, 1/8F x 1/8F .62, and 1/8M x 1/8M .172 models. All are constructed of stainless steel.

    State: OH
  • Mans Flow Control

    Mans Flow Control is a manufacturer specializing in needle valves for industrial gas, water and air applications. These products are created with 316 stainless steel or carbon steel metals. Sizes come in a range range of 1/4 to one inch and pressure rated to ten thousand psi.

    State: OH