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Gas Valves in New York

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. offers standard port gas ball, snap open gas, pilot safety, and gas burner valves. Brass standard port gas ball valves feature PTFE seats, wedge handles, flare x flare end connections, and a brass construction. These valves have WOG ratings up to 450 PSI, 5/8 pipe sizes, and standard port types. Gas pilot safety valves are constructed with inlet pressure taps, and they have applications for domestic heating gases. These valves have 1/2 x 1/2 pipe sizes and coil voltages ranging from 20 to 30 mV.

    State: NY
  • Colton Industries

    Colton Industries offers gas valves in the following models: CRV200-CI-3/4, CRV200-CI-1/2, CRV200-CI-1-1/4, CRV200-CI-1-1/2, and CRV200-CI-1. These valves come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2", a stainless steel/cast iron construction, and a self-operating design. They can handle operating temperatures up to 400°F, operating pressures up to 200 PSI, and reduced pressure adjustments ranging from 3 to 140 PSIG. Applications include: gaseous, water, or steam services.

    State: NY