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Freeze Protection Valves in Pennsylvania

  • Therm-Omega-Tech Inc

    Therm-Omega-Tech are manufacturers of freeze protection valves for piping, pumps, condensate systems, solar, fire lines and freeze sensitive equipment. Products offered include heat actuated traps, solar freeze protection valves, and solar freeze protection cartridges.

  • Watson McDaniel Co.

    Watson McDaniel are manufacturers of WFPV freeze protection valves used on valves, pipes, pumps, fittings, safety showers, condensate systems, spray nozzles, fire lines, and other freeze sensitive equipment. These stainless steel valves offer maximum water capacity of 4,950 lbs/hr.

    State: PA
  • Ogontz Corp.

    Ogontz are manufacturers of freeze and scald protection valves.

    State: PA