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Red Valve Co./Tideflex Technologies

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800-756-0044, 412-279-0044
600 N. Bell Ave.
P.O. Box 548
Carnegie, PA 15106-4304


  • in Duckbill Check Valves

    Red Valve Co./Tideflex Technologies offers Tideflex check valves for the following applications: outfall lines, sludge pumping, equalization basins, booster stations, pump/lift stations, etc. These valves feature a 100% rubber construction and a unique duckbill shape. They can be secured with ANSI flanged, slipped onto/into existing pipes, connected with thimble plates, or a variety of other customizable options.

  • in Knife Gate Valves

    Red Valve Co. manufactures knife gate valves for various slurry-handling applications within the power and mining industries. The company's knife gate valve types - all of which feature stainless steel bodies - include: slurry, large diameter, pneumatic, manual, pneumatic slurry, and manual slurry.

  • in Pinch Valves

    Red Valve Co. engineers air-operated pinch valves, sanitary pinch valves, control pinch valves, manual pinch valves, and pinch valve sleeves. Control pitch valve types available include surge relief, high pressure, open frame, centerline closure, diaphragm actuated, electrically actuated, D-port, and pneumatic.